Fatherhood, Fandom, and Fading Out (ebook)

Fatherhood, Fandom and Fading OutA book about changing times, changing technology, and changing diapers.

Teenage fandom and creativity led to a life working in the media. And then that took a back seat to growing up and being Dad.

This book collects choice cuts from Earl Green’s long-running blog, Scribblings From The Public Restroom Stalls Of The Gods, and juicy morsels and tidbits from his disturbingly long-running, self-published ‘zine, all contained in one handy volume, waiting…watching…biding its time until it can attack again.

(Wait, this sales pitch needs a rethink. When’s the deadline again? …oh.)

This book is also available as a 206 page paperback via CreateSpace or Amazon, or as a Kindle eBook.