Xena: Warrior PrincessXena is summoned to Treaus to see the king. His daughter, Diana, is about to marry Minius of Liberium. But assassins are out to stop the wedding. If the marriage takes place, it will unite the two kingdoms under the Treaus constitution which forbids slavery. Lias wants Xena to pretend to be Diana since she looks exactly like his daughter, and stop the assassins. The warrior agrees and has him send Diana to meet Gabrielle so the princess will be safe. Philemon, Minius’ brother, arrives to take “Diana” on a walk. A group of masked assassins appear and Philemon with Xena’s help fights them off. As Gabrielle waits for Xena to return, a man approaches and demands that she hand over her bag. The bard refuses and the man grabs her. “Xena” appears on Argo and starts to offer her assistance until the man turns around. To Gabrielle’s surprise, she runs away and the younger woman is left to deal with the man. When he is gone, Diana comes out of her hiding place and gives Xena’s note to Gabrielle. The bard just thinks its some sort of test until Diana starts crying.

Xena is investigating the scene of the attack at the castle when a servant comes and tells her that Minius has arrived. She didn’t notice that Philemon has been watching her. At dinner, Xena learns more about the men that work for Lias. Her cover is almost blown when her fiance asks to hear her play the harp. Xena gets out of it when she breaks the strings. Philemon has figured out that the princess isn’t who she pretends to be. He’s stunned to learn that imposter is Xena. She explains that Diana was sent away for her own safety. As they are talking, there is another attempt on the princess’s life, but this time Xena catches the would be assassin. She learns from him that he was hired by the king’s general. But when they reach his chambers, they find that the man has been hanged. Believing that the threat is over, Lias goes after his daughter to bring her home.

Order the DVDswritten by Brenda Lily
directed by Michael Levine
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Lucy Lawless (Diana), Norman Forsey (Lias), Iain Rea (Philemon), Latham Gaines (Minius), Jonathan Acorn (Mirus), Jason Hoyte (Timus), Michele Huirama (Tesa), Patrick Smith (Glauce), Mia Koning (Waif), Ian Miller (Low Life), Chris Bohm (Guard)

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell