Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts

Xena: Warrior PrincessQueen Helen has disturbing nightmares that show a man in shadows killing the soldiers trying to protect her. She sends her personal guard Miltides to find Xena. Before he can reach the warrior princess, he is attacked. Xena and Gabrielle are close by and fight off his attackers. But Miltides has been stabbed and he is dying. He barely manages to give Helen’s message to Xena in time. Xena and Gabrielle fight their way through the Greek forces and into Troy. They are greeted by Gabrielle’s ex-fiance’ Perdicas. The warrior leaves the two friends to find Helen. The queen tells her that she wants Xena to take her to Menelaus, hoping that will end the war. But Xena doesn’t agree. She tells Helen that Paris would just come after her. Deophobus, Paris’ brother, is upset that Xena managed to get in to see the queen. He insists that the warrior princess be taken to see Paris. As Xena is trying to convince Paris that she is there to help, one of Deophobus’ personal guards appears. He was one of the men who attacked Miltides. He has a scar on his face where Xena cut him with her sword. She fights him again briefly, before Deophobus stabs him. Paris then accepts Xena’s offer. The warrior returns to Gabrielle and tells her why Helen asked to see her. She tells her to stay with Perdicas while she checks things out. She then spots Helen trying to sneak out of the city. As they are talking, Xena notices Deophobus exiting the city through a secret doorway. She follows him to the Greek army’s camp and watches as he talks to Menelaus.

Xena returns to the castle to tell Paris and Helen about what she saw. But Deophobus shows up and tells them that he and Menelaus were discussing the Greek army’s surrender. He convinces his brother that Xena cannot be trusted, and the king has her thrown into prison. Before leaving, the Greeks left a large wooden horse outside the gates. The Trojans bring it into the city and begin their celebrations.

Order the DVDswritten by Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster
directed by Roy Thomas and Janis Hendler
music by Joseph LoDuca

Guest Cast: Gayln Gorg (Helen), Scott Garrison (Perdicas), Ken Blackburn (Menelaus), Warren Carl (Paris), Cameron Rhodes (Deophobus), Adrian Keeling (Miltiades), Peter Ford (Trojan Soldier #2), Matthew Jeffs (Trojan Soldier #1), Geoffrey Knight (Trojan Guard), John Manning (Greek Scout), Aidan MacBride Stewart (Greek Soldier)

LogBook entry by Mary Terrell