The Twilight ZoneFranklin Gibbs is annoyed by his wife’s insistence that they vacation in Las Vegas, especially when she feeds a single nickel into a slot machine. At the insistence of a drunken casino patron, Franklin himself gives a nickel to the one-armed bandit, only to win a payout. Unable to sleep that night, Franklin gathers up his winnings and declares that it’s “tainted” money that he must rid himself of by going back to the casino to put it back into the machine from which it came. Hours later, he’s still there, having fallen for the trap, the illusion that if he keeps playing, he can win again.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Rod Serling
directed by Robert Florey
music not credited

The Twilight ZoneCast: Everett Sloane (Franklin gibbs), Vivi Janiss (Flora Gibbs), William Kendis (Hansen), Lee Millar (Joe), Lee Sands (Floor Manager), Marc Towers (Cashier), Art Lewis (Drunk), Arthur Peterson (Sheriff)

LogBook entry by Earl Green