The Vanishing Earth – Part 4

Tomorrow PeopleSpidron and Steen confront each other, though Spidron seems to make a quick getaway – if, indeed, he was ever there and not appearing in holographic form. John and the Tomorrow People ask Steen, a law enforcement officer for a galactic federation, for help in either saving Earth or evacuating some of its people to another suitable planet. Steen reveals that, with Earth’s primitive state of development, it’s not an important enough planet to merit such extraordinary measures. John, Carol and the others take it upon themselves to prove otherwise by trying to stop Spidron with all of the powers at their disposal.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Brian Finch and Roger Price
directed by Paul Bernard
music by Dudley Simpson

Tomorrow PeopleCast: Sammie Winmill (Carol), Nicholas Young (John), Peter Vaughan-Clarke (Stephen), Stephen Salmon (Kenny), Kenneth Farrington (Smithers), Michael Standing (Ginge), Derek Crewe (Lefty), Philip Gilbert (TIM), Kevin Stoney (Steen), John Woodnutt (Spidron), Nova Llewellyn (Joy)

Tomorrow PeopleNotes: This is the final appearance of either Carol or Kenny in the series; both actors elected to move on after the first season was produced, leaving no time for a formal farewell scene to be written. The first episode of the second season would provide an explanation for their departure while introducing new cast members.

LogBook entry by Earl Green