Garland’s War

Survivors (1970s series)Abby and the others follow a lead about a boy spotted nearby, and when the man they speak to calls out to Peter, Abby dares to hope she’s found her son – until the boy turns out to be a different Peter. As Abby retreats to recover from this revelation, Greg and Jenny probe further, learning about a country estate called the Waterhouse where a group of people have banded together to pool their resources. When Abby goes to search for the place, she drives right into a manhunt – a large group of armed men pursuing a man named Garland. He seeks her help, and he has bad news: his pursuers have taken control of the Waterhouse. She’s disturbed when Garland confesses that he’s enjoying the post-plague lifestyle – his survivalist hobby has now turned into an excitingly risky way of life for him. Garland goes to secure new transport to replace Abby’s damaged vehicle, and in his absence, she’s captured by men from the Waterhouse. They paint an entirely different picture of Garland’s activities, and in any case, both Garland and the men occupying the Waterhouse seem more than happy to make it a fight to the death…and Abby is trapped in the middle.

written by Terry Nation
directed by Terence Williams
music by Anthony Isaac

Cast: Carolyn Seymour (Abby Grant), Ian McCulloch (Greg Preston), Lucy Fleming (Jenny Richards), Richard Heffer (Jimmy Garland), Peter Jeffrey (Knox), Dennis Chinnery (John Carroll), Robert Oates (Harris), David G. March (Bates), Michael Jamieson (Ken), Susanna East (Betty), Roger Elliott (Sentry), Steve Fletcher (Peter), Stephen Dudley (John), Tanya Ronder (Lizzie)

LogBook entry by Earl Green