The Apple

Star Trek ClassicStardate 3715.0: An Enterprise landing party beams down to an edenic planet, where Kirk discovers that the people living there are still primitive, all progress held in check by an enormous ancient computer known as Vaal, which also demands sacrifices of food by the natives. Vaal detects the Enterprise in orbit and begins to drain it of its power, and Kirk realizes that he will have to destroy Vaal to save the Enterprise, but the surface dwellers’ lifestyles will be changed forever if Vaal is removed.

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Max Ehrlich
directed by Joseph Pevney
music by Gerald Fried

Guest Cast: James Doohan (Mr. Scott), George Takei (Lt. Sulu), Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura), Keith Andes (Akuta), Celeste Yarnell (Yeoman Martha Landon), David Soul (Makora), Jay Jones (Ensign Mallory), Jerry Daniels (Marple), John Winston (Lt. Kyle), Mal Friedman (Hendorff), Shari Nims (Sayana)

LogBook entry by Earl Green