The Infernal Machine

Space: 1999While Paul Morrow is sidelined by an injury, Commander Koenig installs another crewman in the first officer’s chair – and is a little irritated when Winters calls him not long after Koenig goes off-duty. But it turns out the junior officer has a good reason to call Koenig – a large spacecraft approaches the moon and begins influencing Moonbase Alpha’s computer. A booming voice virtually invites itself to Alpha, despite the misgivings of Koenig and Alan Carter, and demands that Koenig, Dr. Russell and Professor Bergman pay it a visit. When the trio arrives at the gigantic ship, they see an ornate interior, advanced technology, and absolutely no sign of life until the happen upon a bearded old man who introduces himself only as Companion. Before Koenig can find out why the vessel has landed on the moon, another voice rings out, demanding supplies from Alpha – enough supplies to leave the human population of the base in jeopardy. Companion points out that the voice is that of Gwent, the spacecraft itself, a sentient machine. But when even Companion balks at Gwent’s demands, Gwent decides that one of its visitors should become its next spokesperson.

Order the DVDswritten by Anthony Terpiloff and Elizabeth Barrows
directed by David Tomblin
music by Barry Gray
additional music by Vic Elms

Guest Cast: Leo McKern (The Companion), Clifton Jones (David Kano), Zienia Merton (Sandra Benes), Nick Tate (Alan Carter), Gary Waldhorn (Winters)

Notes: The late Leo McKern was the only actor to appear twice in the role of Number Two in The Prisoner – a show of which director David Tomblin is also an alumnus. This is also the only first season episode not to feature Prentis Hancock as Paul Morrow.

LogBook entry by Earl Green