Missing Link

Space: 1999Koenig, Bergman, Alan Carter and Sandra Benes return from an aborted planetary excursion. Right after they report an unusual gravity phenomenon that almost caused their Eagle to crash on the planet, a similar force grips the Eagle and forces it down into a crash landing on the moon itself. But on Moonbase Alpha, medical scanners indicate that Commander Koenig didn’t survive the crash. And yet he’s alive and well, suited up and trying to wave the rescue Eagle down to the crash site – or is he? When Carter comes to, he sees the commander slumped over the controls, badly injured. But in his mind, Koenig has returned to Moonbase Alpha, though it’s darkened and seemingly abandoned. He makes his way to the main mission control center, activates the viewscreen…and sees an alien city. The environs of the moonbase melt away around Koenig, and he finds himself in an empty space with a humanoid being who introduces himself as Raan. Koenig is to be studied and subjected to experiments, as Raan believes that humans may be the missing evolutionary link in his own species. And yet, Koenig’s body is still in a comatose state, returned to the very-much-populated Moonbase Alpha. When Koenig is subjected to an elaborate illusion in which Bergman acts uncharacteristically emotional, he realizes that Raan is holding his mind captive – and doesn’t intend to release it.

Order the DVDswritten by Edward di Lorenzo
directed by Ray Austin
music by Barry Gray
additional music by Vic Elms

Guest Cast: Peter Cushing (Raan), Joanna Durham (Vana), Paul Morrow (Prentis Hancock), Clifton Jones (David Kano), Zienia Merton (Sandra Benes), Anton Phillips (Dr. Mathias), Nick Tate (Alan Carter)

LogBook entry by Earl Green