Many Happy Returns

The PrisonerNumber Six sees an opportunity to escape when he finds that the entire population of the Village has disappeared without a trace. He hitches a boat ride back to London, but finds himself in even worse trouble among a boatful of gun smugglers. Upon arriving in London, Number Six returns to his former employers and briefs them on the Village…only to discover that no one believes his story. He offers to find the Village for them to prove its existence, not suspecting that his return to his prison will be a one-way trip.

written by Anthony Skene
directed by Joseph Serf
music by Ron Grainer and Albert Elms

Cast: Patrick McGoohan (Number Six), Donald Sinden (The Colonel), Patrick Cargill (Thorpe), Georgina Cookson (Mrs. Butterworth), Brian Worth (Group Captain), Richard Caldicott (Commander), Dennis Chinnery (Gunther), Jon Laurimore (Ernst), Nike Arrighi (Gypsy girl), Grace Arnold (Maid), Larry Taylor (Gypsy man)

LogBook entry by Earl Green