A, B, and C

The PrisonerNumber Two and his interrogators embark on a new project to pry into Number Six’s dreams, hoping to find the events behind his resignation in his subconscious. Three individuals figure prominently in Number Six’s thoughts about his resignation, but before Number Two can discover their involvement, something unexpected will interrupt his attempt to eavesdrop on his prisoner’s dreams.

written by Anthony Skene
directed by Pat Jackson
music by Ron Grainer and Albert Elms

Cast: Patrick McGoohan (Number Six), Colin Gordon (Number Two), Katherine Kath (Engladine), Sheila Allen (Number 14), Peter Bowles (A), Georgina Cookson (Blonde), Annette Carrell (B), Lucille Soong (Flower Girl), Bettine Le Beau (Maid), Terry Yorke (Thug), Peter Brayham (Thug), Bill Cummings (Henchman)

Original title: Play In Three Acts

LogBook entry by Earl Green