Godzilla’s Revenge

GodzillaPoor little Ichiro. He’s bullied nearly everyday on the way home from school. Not only that, his parents work long hours and are seldom at home. He is often watched over by Toy Consultant Shinpei Inami, who lives in an apartment nearby. Meanwhile, bandits have gotten away with more than 50 million yen in a bank heist.

Ichiro fantasizes about visiting Monster Island. Once there, he watches Godzilla defeat several Kamacura and the Giant Condor. He also spots several other giant creatures. Ichiro makes friends with Minilla, Godzilla’s son, who is also being bullied by the monster known as Gabara. Inami wakes Ichiro from his dream.

Ichiro is playing outside when he is spotted by his own bully, also named Gabara. He runs off to an abandoned warehouse. He finds a driver’s license and carries it off. Little does he realize, the bandits are hiding out there, and the driver’s license belongs to one of them!

Once at home, Ichiro again visits Monster Island. Searching for Minilla, he instead finds the giant Gabara and runs away. He finds Minilla hiding from Godzilla, who wants to teach Minilla to fight his own battles. But he agrees to introduce Ichiro to his father. Godzilla is engaged in a battle with Ebirah. The giant lobster is defeated in short order. He then battles the giant spider, which is beaten back with Godzilla’s nuclear breath. Gabara walks onto the scene. Minilla grows to some fifty feet and blows smoke rings at Gabara, which only irritates the bully. Gabara beats up Minilla, who shrinks himself again and runs off. Several fighter jets launch missiles at Godzilla, but the enraged beast crushes and destroys most of the jets. He calls out to Minilla to teach the youngster some monster fighting skills. Godzilla shows how to use nuclear fire, but Minilla can only blow smoke rings. Godzilla stomps on his son’s tail, who then blows fire at some brush.

Ichrio is awakened when the bank robbers snatch him and take him back to the warehouse. One of the robbers goes to steal a car, while the other stays behind and watches over Ichiro. The boy covers a hole in the floor with newspaper. He then closes his eyes and returns to Monster Island.

Minilla is again fighting Gabara, who is getting the upper hand. Ichiro encourages his friend, who then blasts his new nuclear breath onto Gabara’s face. Enraged, Gabara lunges forward, but Minilla moves away and the bully konks his head on the wall of a cliff. Minilla runs to Godzilla, but the King of the Monsters refuses to fight his son’s battle. Minilla re-enters the fray and is being beaten down. Godzilla uses his nuclear breath and forces Gabara to retreat. Ichiro and Minilla discuss how to defeat the bully. When Gabara steps on a fallen tree, Minilla jumps on the other end, causing the bully to fly off, head over heels. As Godzilla passes the fallen creature, Gabara bites his leg The two giant monsters wrestle and Godzilla throws him over his shoulder. The bully finally leaves.

The robbers tie Ichiro, planning to use him as a hostage to get away, but the car won’t start. Ichiro remembers what Minilla told him: “Godzilla says we have to fight our own battles and not be cowards.” He slips his bonds and makes his break from the car, running off to the warehouse, with the bandits in hot pursuit. He leads them to the third floor. Meanwhile, Inami spots his stolen car at the warehouse with a money bag inside. He dashes off to call the cops. One of the bandits falls through the hole in the floor that was covered with newspaper, and breaks his leg. The second robber spots Ichrio and gives chase. Ichiro fantasizes the robber is the monster Gabara, and uses a fire extinguisher to vanquish him. The police have now arrived and take the bad guys into custody.

At breakfast the following morning, Ichiro’s mother promises to spend more time with the boy. On the way to school he is confronted by his own bully, Gabara. This time, however, instead of running, he fights and knocks the kid to the ground. Now equals, Ichiro, Gabara and their friends walk to school.

written by Shinichi Sekizawa
directed by Ishiro Hondo
music by Kunico Miyauchi

Human Cast: Tomonori Yazaki (Ichiro Miki), Eisei Amamoto (Shinpei Inami), Sachio Sakai (Bank Robber), Kazuo Suzuki (Bank Robber)

Monster Cast: Godzilla, Minilla, Kamakura, Gabara, Gorosaurus, Manda, Anguilas, Giant Condor, Ebirah

Notes: This movie was originally titled Godzilla- Minilla- Gabara- All Monsters Attack in Japan. Much of the monster footage seen in this movie was culled from previous Godzilla movies.

LogBook entry by Robert Parson