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Star Trek: Phoenix

This is an episode of a fan-made series whose storyline may be invalidated by later official studio productions.

Stardate 99336.20: In the early 25th century, after the destruction of Romulus destabilizes the political landscape of the Alpha Quadrant, Starfleet steps up to the plate by beefing up its technology and weaponry, and by sending the U.S.S. Phoenix on its maiden voyage as a “state ship” sporting a full diplomatic corps on board. But a recent surprise attack has left the Phoenix the worse for wear: the bridge has sustained so much damage that it won’t be functional again for a month. Stuck running the ship from engineering, Captain Avari is not a happy man. Having to endure the frequently short-sighted complaints of his ship’s diplomatic – or, in Avari’s estimation, bureaucratic – corps has only worsened his mood. A rescue team is dispatched to find the missing crew of a diplomatic shuttle on Ketrassii Prime, only to become trapped themselves by an enemy of unknown intent and stength (and the ability to sap power from their weapons and equipment). Captain Avari relishes the chance to get in on the action, leading the away team to recover the rescue team, but he soon discovers that the enemy they’re facing is only too familiar.

Watch Itwritten by Ben Andrews, Ben Johnson, Jon Johnson, James Lyle, Lorraine Montez, Leo Roberts, Brian Sipe and Roy Stanton
directed by Sam Akina, Gale Benning and Leo Roberts
music by Brad Anthony Laina / end credit music by Steve Brush

Cast: Ben Andrews (Captain Bryce Avari), Ben Johnson (Commander Talis Jaryn), James Lyle (Dr. Thomas Alden), Roy Stanton (Ambassador T’Von), Elle Viane Sonnet (Lt. Commander Akelyn Solara), Nicole Santora (Lt. Commander Yamora Vu’Shan), S. Joe Downing (Lt. Arca Niran), Vanessa Cobbs (Lt. Pelomar Laenah), Jesse James Pattison (Lt. Joben Karkko), Lorraine Montez (Lt./Major Ulti Natyra), J.P. Giuliotti (Admiral Theodore Grayson), Wes Hurley (Commander Telek), John Lynch (Major Noah Croft), Rodrigo Demedeiros (Minister/Councilor Tol Hadik), Mark Rahner (Lt. Guy Shaw), Leo Roberts (S.A.B.R.E. General Krik), Loren Walton (Lt. Baron), Eve Powell (Ensign Riley), Alexis Eggertsen (Lt. Ayiln), Jessica Hendrickson (Dr. DeSoto), Ben James (Lt. B.J. Nelson), Tellier Killaby (Lt. Commander Russoe Preval), Michelle McNamer (Lt. Commander Jennifer Elarah), Nathan Moore (Lt. Commander K’Var), Dennis Paillex (Lt. Casey Mendham), Fred Varnal (Lt. Natarion), Marlene Wong (Yavae Vadwel), Dylan Blackhorse-Von Jess (Katrassii Prime Romulan Agent), Jared Hemmelgarn (Katrassii Prime Romulan Agent), Ben James (Katrassii Prime Romulan Agent), Aaron Key (Katrassii Prime Romulan Agent), Spenser O’Neill (Katrassii Prime Romulan Agent), Adam Sonnet (Katrassii Prime Romulan Agent), Stephanie Hilbert (voice of Lusian), Brad Anthony Laina (voice of Praetor Sirol), William Michael Paul (voice of Praetor Bevoral), Adam Sonnet (voice of Lt. Molnar), Jason Wright (Computer voice)

Notes: Star Trek: Phoenix takes place in 2422, 35 years after the destruction of Romulus, an event which set in motion the events of the 2009 Star Trek movie; this also places it at least 40-50 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis. Phoenix takes place in the “prime” timeline, while Nero’s pursuit of Spock sent much of Star Trek into an alternate timeline. Phoenix’s hull registry number is NCC-101138.

Review: A fresh step forward in the Star Trek saga, Phoenix is long overdue. While I’m a fan of the various “Kirk-era” productions, Phoenix has taken the direction that fan films have really needed to take for quite some time: forward – almost as far forward from TNG as TNG was from the original show. Read More