FireflyThis is the suggested order for viewing this series, according to the show’s creator; the original broadcast order omits some episodes and puts others out of the intended original story order. You can still see the original broadcast order below.

    Season One: 2002

  1. Serenity (original pilot)
  2. The Train Job
  3. Bushwacked
  4. Shindig
  5. Safe
  6. Our Mrs. Reynolds
  7. Jaynestown
  8. Out Of Gas
  9. Ariel
  10. War Stories
  11. Trash
  12. The Message
  13. Heart Of Gold
  14. Objects In Space
  15. Movie: 2005

  16. Serenity (movie)

Original Broadcast Order

    Season One: 2002

  1. The Train Job
  2. Bushwacked
  3. Our Mrs. Reynolds
  4. War Stories
  5. Jaynestown
  6. Out Of Gas
  7. Shindig
  8. Safe
  9. Ariel
  10. Objects In Space
  11. Serenity (original pilot)
  12. Movie: 2005

  13. Serenity (movie)
  14. Unaired Season One Episodes: 2005 (on Sci-Fi Channel)

  15. Trash
  16. The Message
  17. Heart Of Gold

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