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Week of September 10, 2001

Trek veterans line up for Enterprise guest shots. Despite the 22nd century setting of Enterprise, it looks like we'll be seeing a lot of familiar faces in the show's first few weeks. Vaughn Armstrong, who played a pivotal Klingon character in the first-season Next Generation installment Heart Of Glory (as well as a Cardassian in the second episode of Deep Space Nine and an appearance in Voyager's Eye Of The Needle episode), will be playing a Starfleet Admiral in the pilot episode, Broken Bow, while Jeffrey Combs (who played two major DS9 recurring roles, Ferengi Liquidator Brunt and the seemingly endless assembly-line of Weyoun clones) will be donning what is described as a slightly updated Andorian makeup for The Andorian Incident. Erick Avari, who appeared on both Next Generation (Unification) and Deep Space Nine (Destiny), will appear in the sixth episode, tentatively titled Terra Nova. And though some web sites have been persistently reporting a rumor that William Shatner will appear in an episode during November sweeps as an ancestor of a certain 23rd century starship captain, there does not appear to be any weight to those rumors. Source: TrekWeb

A Bunch of good news for Trek music fans. It looks like Scott Bakula isn't the only Quantum Leap veteran who's jumping into Enterprise. Composer Velton Ray Bunch will be joining Trek alumni Dennis McCarthy and Jay Chattaway as a regular musician on the new Star Trek spinoff. Also, adding to last week's news about the Enterprise theme song to be sung by British opera star Russell Watson, it appears that the recording used for the Enterprise main titles will be available on Watson's next album, cleverly slated for an October release. The song, a cover of Rod Stewart's Faith Of The Heart, is said to be taking on a new life as an Aerosmith-style power ballad backed by a 45-piece orchestra. We'll have pre-order information on Watson's new CD, containing the Enterprise theme, as soon as it's available. Source: Film Score Monthly

Club Mir? MirCorp, the Netherlands-based company that bought Mir from the ashes of the Russian space program with the hopes of turning it into a top-priced tourist trap (only to see it go down in flames when the Russians decided to ditch Mir into the Earth's atmosphere), hasn't given up yet. They're working on a new project, tentatively titled Mini Station One, which they expect to cost no more than $100,000,000 (or roughly the cost of Hollywood's next blockbuster) and hope to have in orbit for tourist visits by 2004. The Russian space agency, however, is denying reports that MirCorp has contracted them to build the highest-priced resort in (or off of) the world. Source: Associated Press

Another one of this month's three Doctor Who DVD releases in the U.S., The Robots Of Death is the first Tom Baker story to get a digital makeover. Written by Chris Boucher (later the script editor of Blake's 7), who admittedly based the sand mining premise on Frank Herbert's Dune books, Robots is a fan favorite, featuring only the second appearance of Leela (Louise Jameson) in one of the creepiest Baker-era four-parters ever. Boucher and producer Philip Hinchcliffe provide the audio commentary track for this DVD, which also includes studio floor plans and other extras.

Doctor Who - The Robots Of Death

Is your guilty childhood pleasure on DVD yet? If not, it can't be too long - after all, there's already a Sid & Marty Krofft DVD box set out there, and now pre-orders are being taken for the first two Battle Of The Planets DVD releases, along with a new box set compiling every episode of the short-lived Planet Of The Apes TV series. The Battle Of The Planets DVDs are due in October, while the Apes series box set is set for a November release. You can support by placing your pre-orders for these titles through the links below!

Battle Of The Planets Volume 1
Battle Of The Planets Volume 2
Planet Of The Apes: The TV Series Box Set

Sorry, Shatner! Looks like William Shatner's advanced scientific hypothesis about God (seen at right, as depicted in Shatner's thankfully singular stint as a Star Trek filmmaker) living in the center of the galaxy has been nixed by new data from the Chandra X-ray telescope, currently orbiting Earth and peering into the heart of the Milky Way. What Chandra has found there, however, is some of the best proof yet for the existence of black holes - namely, according to astronomers, very strong evidence that there's a great big one sitting in the core of our home galaxy. While the light-eating phenomenon, which has been speculated to be at the center of every galaxy, can't actually be photographed, Chandra is taking observations of something very massive and very dense at the heart of the Milky Way - and Mr. Shatner's whereabouts are accounted for, so the black hole theory is gaining ever more weight (not unlike the aforementioned Mr. Shatner). Source: Associated Press

They're baaaaaaack... Those pesky Elves! They're taking over an entire section of the site once again beginning next month, giving you an even better chance than last year to get a head start on Christmas shopping for the SF fan on your list. This year, the store is so big that it's been split into several different "aisles" including DVD, video, music, collectibles, and more. Informed sources have told us that the Elves have quite a music selection lined up for this Christmas - but we lost contact with our spy reindeer shortly afterward... Source: The North Pole

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