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Week of October 15, 2001

It's that time of the year again... ...that special time when major video game companies (and, on this occasion, software giants who want to be major video game companies) gather around and launch their latest, flashiest machines which are completely incompatible with their previous generations of hardware and software, requiring you to start from scratch. (Did these people learn nothing from the launch of the Atari 5200?) is already taking pre-orders for the two hot new systems: Nintendo's Game Cube (seen at right) and Microsoft's X-Box. Which will leap out of the gates and scream toward the finish line, and which will be gathering dust next to the Dreamcast in a few years?

Nintendo Game Cube
Microsoft X-BOX

Watson album delayed until 2002; Enterprise soundtrack in the works. In two related music stories, those fans who - like the webmaster - actually like the theme song from Enterprise will have opportunities to hear two different versions in 2002. As we've mentioned in, British opera sensation Russell Watson - the singer on the theme - will be including Faith Of The Heart on his upcoming sophomore album, though that CD has been pushed back to February of next year. However, that version will not be recording used in Enterprise. The original recording will be featured on an upcoming Enterprise soundtrack CD, though that title hasn't even been given a release date (nor has a label been announced). If GNP Crescendo Records, the label responsible for releasing Star Trek soundtracks for the past decade, lands the Enterprise license, they may take the approach of their recent Best Of Stargate SG-1 collection and wait for the end of the first season to pick and choose from the best episode soundtracks from the season (which, musically, has been a little bit lackluster thus far). Source:

The First Church of Yoda? If you're ready to make that leap of faith and "reach out with your feelings," it looks as though you can do it officially in England. So many Star Wars fans listed "Jedi" as their religion on U.K. census forms that the Office of National Statistics has granted it its own category for processing purposes, though officials are quick to point out that they're not in the business of defining what is or isn't an actual religion - it just makes their paperwork easier. While "Jedi" joins such religious categories (for census purposes) as the C of E, Roman Catholicism, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhism, it's probably in the lower numbers along with druidism, Wicca and satanism. Source: Sci-Fi Wire

Supercade turns out to be super-thick. We'll still absorbing this massive, 300+ page coffee table book on the formative years of video gaming here at office, but we're betting that Van Burnham's Supercade will become the "industry" standard tome on vintage gaming among classic gaming fans. Including contributions from Leonard Herman, Sean Kelly, Joe Santulli, Keita Ilda and Steven Kent, and enough life-size blow-ups of MAME screen grabs, Supercade is impressive and engrossing to say the least. Expect a more extensive review in the coming weeks - when we've recovered!

Supercade: A Visual History Of The Videogame Age, 1971-1984
by Van Burnham

Rings film to be glimpsed in music videos. Though many eager fans got their first look at the upcoming Lord Of The Rings film via the theatrical trailer featured in the season premiere of Angel, further sneak peeks at the long-awaited movie may come on VH1 and other music video outlets. Later this month, a new Enya song from the Rings soundtrack, May It Be, will hit radio stations and music video channels as a single. Enya has also contributed another song, Airon (Theme From Aragorn And Arwen), to the Rings soundtrack, while Elisabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins (who was also featured on Peter Gabriel's OVO) does vocals on a song called Gandalf's Lament. The soundtrack CD, featuring the three songs and selections from Howard Shore's orchestral score, will be available in late November, one month before the movie's Christmas release.

The Lord Of The Rings (2001) soundtrack

Picking up more bad Hobbits? And if soundtrack collecting is a Hobbitual thing for you, the score from the original Ralph Bakshi animated version of Lord Of The Rings is also being re-released - one week before the soundtrack of the new movie, natch. If you feel like booking a ticket to cash-in city, you can pre-order the old Lord Of The Rings soundtrack from

The Lord Of The Rings (1978) soundtrack

The Matrix Revisited How many times have we gone down this road? You buy a DVD, and then exactly 48 hours later, a new! improved! Special Edition! with never-before-seen deleted footage! hits the shelves, making your copy obsolete. I hate that, but I'm not sure what the solution is. Well, the fine folks at Warner Bros. Home Video, not ones to sit on the sidelines when there's a sequel to be promoted, have the answer, and the answer is The Matrix Revisited, a new DVD of nothing but bonus features. There's no movie on here - just lots of new behind-the-scenes material on the making of the film, and the ripples caused by the not-insignificant pop culture splash it made upon its 1999 release. And, savvy marketing folks they are, Warner Bros. (and their cute Warner sister) have even included some sneak previews of the upcoming sequel, The Matrix: Reloaded (which has been pushed back to 2003) and the upcoming animè-style animated prequel series. Bravo! It's about time someone got the hint - and gave it right back to us on a shiny round thing.

The Matrix Revisited

Back in Time. Is nothing sacred? It looks like 20th Century Fox is prepping a TV series remake of The Time Tunnel, the 1960s Irwin Allen-produced time travel series, and their own Fox network is in a tight race with ABC for the rights to air the series. Allen's widow is serving as an executive producer on the new Time Tunnel project, and there's no word on whether it will be a sequel with ties to the original, or a "re-imagining" of the show from the ground up. Source: Sci-Fi Wire

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