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Week of November 26, 2001

Contest open for entries through December 1!

Linking up. Just a quick reminder - the Star Trek edition of Celebrity Weakest Link will be airing November 26th on NBC. Check your local listings for the exact time.

Pleading the Sixth. In a move that's sure to send collectors scrambling across time, space, and eBay, Doctor Who Magazine's January issue (#313) will feature a ride-along CD containing an exclusive short-form adventure, The Ratings War, starring Colin Baker and written by Steve Lyons, as well as a preview edition of episode one of January's first Eighth Doctor adventure, Invaders From Mars. As with The Last Of The Titans, which appeared in the January 2001 issue, this one-part story will not be available through any other means. Source: Outpost Gallifrey

Yeah, but will The Rock star as Vincent? From the you-gotta-be-shittin'-me department is the announcement this week that UPN is considering a new version of the much-loved cult classic fantasy series Beauty And The Beast. Daily Variety says that the original show's producers are attached to the prospective new series, but that the original cast - including Ron Perlman as Vincent and Linda Hamilton as Catherine - will most likely not be brought back, and this further blurs the line as to whether the new show will be a sequel to the original, or a complete re-telling of the story from the ground up. Before you get your hopes too high, please remember that this is only a show they are considering taking to the pilot stage - nothing has been gone before a camera yet, and indeed it may not happen at all. Somehow, it's just possible that the romantic millieu of the original series may not mesh with the plans of a network whose flagship franchise is wrestling... Source: Daily Variety

The Daleks are coming! The Daleks are coming! Oh, wait. They're already here! Run! Okay, enough of that. This week's DVD of the Week is the first of the late, great Peter Cushing's two turns in the role of that eccentric scientist known as Doctor Who. (Who?) In honor of the 38th anniversary of the show's launch on BBC-TV, the two theatrical films featuring the intrepid time travelever battling the then-ubiquitous Daleks have been remastered for DVD release. The first, 1965's Doctor Who And The Daleks, has a kooky swingin' 60s charm all its own, and repaints the show's entire cast: the Doctor here is a very human eccentric, his granddaughter Susan is perhaps all of seven years old, and Barbara is transformed into his other granddaughter. Despite being a high-speed trip right off the exit ramp from established Doctor Who continuity, Doctor Who And The Daleks is still enjoyable, and features commentaries and even a featurette on the height of Dalek marketing in Britain.

Doctor Who And The Daleks

Get it before the light goes out! Earlier this year, we were raving about the remastered 2-CD import edition of Electric Light Orchestra's first album, which now features lots of newly-discovered rarities, multimedia material, and even an incredibly rare video. And like quite a few ELO fans out there, we pre-ordered it ourselves...only to find recently that the item number changed at and our order had dead-ended! But now they're reposted it with the correct price and track listing, and it's up for pre-order again. Only 2,000 copies of the 2-CD limited edition have been pressed and after that, the second CD - with its rarities, live tracks, and multimedia goodies - will be culled from future versions. Don't get caught in the dark on this one!

Electric Light Orchestra - First Light 30th Anniversary Collection

When worlds collide. Neil Finn may not be a household word anywhere outside of the south Pacific, but the star-studded lineup on Seven Worlds Collide, his new live CD, shows that he at least has the respect of fellow musicians and performers, from Johnny Marr to Eddie Vedder to Sheryl Crow and - naturally - his brother Tim, founding member of Split Enz. Songs from Neil's tenure as lead man of Crowded House turn up, as well as material from his solo albums Try Whistling This and One Nil. Seven Worlds Collide will be released in the U.S. in February 2002.

Neil Finn - Seven Worlds Collide: Live At St. James

Final Hitchhiker's Guide book to be cut-and-pasted together posthumously? It appears as though we haven't heard the last of Douglas Adams, who died in May. May 2002 will see the release of A Salmon Of Doubt, which is being touted as the sixth and final book in the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy series (despite the fact that Adams killed off his characters in the fifth book, Mostly Harmless, and Salmon has been mentioned on and off for over a decade as a Dirk Gently book). There's no word on who will be editing the unfinished rough drafts together, or if anyone will be assigned the unenviable task of writing new material to bring it all together. Source: Reuters

Carefully trained attack turkeys? If you were wondering about the mysterious "C'mon, turkey, ATTACK!" banner displayed over the Thanksgiving holiday, wonder no more - see the origin of this rather bizarre quote here.

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