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Week of November 12, 2001

Here you go, Enterprise fans... well, those of you who, not unlike the webmaster, admit to actually liking the theme song from the latest Star Trek spinoff. British opera star Russell Watson's latest CD, Encore, is now available, and yes, it does feature the theme song from Enterprise, although it's (A) the entire song and not just one verse and chorus, and (B) a slightly different arrangement. Faith Of The Heart (listed on this album by its subtitle, Where My Heart Will Take Me) is just one of the highlights here. Others include a duet with Lionel Richie and a repertoire that spans almost as many centuries as the Star Trek saga itself, from Ave Maria to Pelagia's Song (from Captain Corelli's Mandolin). Encore can be ordered now from

Russell Watson - Encore

Who hears all? The Doctor Who stars are making themselves heard these days. It appears that next year's slate of BBC audio releases of soundtracks from "lost" TV episodes will be joined late next year by a complete CD of BCC Online's wildly successful web-radio-drama experiment, Death Comes To Time, after the story is completed (only one episode exists so far). And giving a clue as to what DVD releases should be expected next year, Nicholas "The Brigadier" Courtney and Katy "Jo Grant" Manning have recently recorded audio commentaries for upcoming releases of Carnival Of Monsters, The Three Doctors and Terror Of The Autons. The latter two are most likely going to be held for a 2003 release. Source: Outpost Gallifrey

New Sega CD games to vanish? Bug Blasters and Star Strike, the two new Sega CD games recently published by Good Deal Games, could vanish in 2002 when the licensing contract expires for them. In the meantime, Good Deal Games still plans to unveil its next classic system release very soon, though the hints seem to be pointing toward a system other than the now-defunct Sega CD console. Keep an eye on or the new news page in Phosphor Dot Fossils for the details on the new game. Source: Good Deal Games

Is the new Blake's 7 movie in trouble? A recent posting on the mailing list for the upcoming Blake's 7 revival movie indicates that series star (and co-producer of the new project) Paul Darrow may be having trouble landing financing to get cameras rolling on the sequel, which has been hinted as a Next Generation-style relaunch of the Blake's 7 concept. At the very least, it doesn't appear that shooting will begin on the new Blake's 7 movie until next year at the earliest. Additionally, Brian Lighthill - who produced the two BBC radio shows in 1998, and was a key player in shepherding the new movie into pre-production - has removed himself from day-to-day planning on Blake's 7, taking up a consulting role instead. Source: mailing list

Before the Doctor's appointment. A new publishing company is launching the first line of hardcover Doctor Who fiction since W.H. Allen and Target gave up the ghost on novelizations of the Time Lord's adventures in the early 1990s. David J. Howe's Telos Publishing is kicking off a new line of Doctor Who novellas, with the first - Time And Relative, written by Kim Newman - set for release in two weeks to coincide with the 38th anniversary of Doctor Who's premiere on British television. But that first novella is breaking new ground in Who fiction, being the first-ever BBC-approved prequel to the series, detailing an adventure with the first Doctor and Susan predating the show's first aired episode. Time And Relative is now available for pre-order from The second novella, due in 2002, will feature the seventh Doctor and Ace.

Doctor Who: Time And Relative

New Jewel album ready to go. A November release date has been announced for Jewel's upcoming new album, This Way, her first since a 1999 collection of Christmas songs (and her first original material since 1998's Spirit). This Way may have a different sound from her previous works, though - expect to hear some modern elements alongside Jewel's trademark folksy acoustic-guitar-and-vocal arrangements. This Way is now available through

Jewel - This Way

One of Rhino's two new Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD releases simply must be seen to be believed. Not that it's a great slice of cinema - far from it, in fact (and who in the world would tune in to MST3K for that anyway?). It's the skin-peelingly bad amateur horror film Manos: The Hands Of Fate, but Rhino's new pair of DVD releases feature the movie in "MSTed" form (courtesy of the great Joel Hodgson and robot friends) only, without the rarely-seen unedited (and we mean that in more ways than one) original version. For many, many years, the MST3K writers and performers considered this the worst movie they'd ever seen - and some of 'em still do. But their unique handling of this most hazardous of movie material makes it a keeper. And if that's not enough, this DVD also includes Poopie!, the complete original MST3K blooper collection, which has some priceless gags going down the drain, giant leeches who suck even worse than usual, and Torgo taking his sweet time to cross a single room. This alone would almost be worth the price of admission!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Manos: The Hands Of Fate

Disney revamping White Mountains trilogy. The trilogy of Tripods books written by John Christopher, chronicling the Earth's takeover by a race of aliens who hold thrall over the human population by "capping" them to keep them docile and patrol the planet in Martian-War-Machine-like Tripods to sniff out un-capped "vagrants," is being remade by Disney. The first two books (The White Mountains and The City Of Gold And Lead) were already adapted into a well-regarded, if short-lived and sadly incomplete BBC TV series in 1985. Disney's new version will tell the story from scratch, and scriptwriting duties have been assigned to Terry Hayes, who's responsible for the script of the successful recent comic adaptation From Hell. Source: Sci-Fi Wire

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