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Week of May 21, 2001

Enterprise pilot to depict first contact with Klingons? More details are leaking out about Enterprise, the new Star Trek prequel starring Scott Bakula. One source gives the pilot episode's title as Broken Bow, and claims that it deals with humanity's disastrous first contact with the Klingons. James L. Conway, who has directed such Voyager installments as The 37s, Persistence Of Vision and Death Wish, as well as such pivotal Next Generation segments as The Neutral Zone and the outstanding Frame of Mind, has been picked to direct the Enterprise pilot. Word also has it that the uniforms worn by the 22nd century Enterprise crew will resemble a cross between NASA jumpsuits and Air Force uniforms, complete with mission/ship patches, and the entire ship will be fitted out with relatively low-tech toggle switches and buttons - no touch screens this time. There's no word on whether or not the new series will try to explain the wildly different facial features sported by the Klingons prior to Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Source: Sci-Fi Wire

Franke returns to score Rangers. More details are emerging about the new Babylon 5 spinoff pilot, The Legend Of The Rangers. Last week we announced the cast, and this week word reaches us that the new movie - and potentially series - will sport a familiar sound courtesy of B5 composer Christopher Franke. Whether or not a CD release on Franke's Sonic Images label is likely remains to be seen, however - the label has all but given up on its extensive line of soundtracks related to the original series. Source: J. Michael Straczynski submitted by Dave Thomer

Local talent hits the big time. It is my great pleasure to introduce you to a newly published author (and a personal friend of mine), H.D. Campbell. His first printed work, How To Lose A Black Woman, has just rolled off the presses and is now available. I've been anxiously waiting to see this puppy in print for over a year - not quite as long as he has! - and actually got to look at the finished book today. Very cool stuff. To quote the back cover blurb, "Bruce Williams, a St. Louis teacher, searches for love by using nontraditional methods, a telephone dating service. Through an uncomfortable search, he eventually finds his true love but an argument and a wrong decision afterwards causes a break-up. This book is a look at one of the aspects of modern relationships. Filled with original poetry and prayers, it personifies how love should be handled. The first in a series of these books, How To Lose A Black Woman will empower as well as entertain. For those who are unhappy with their current relationship it may evaluate what’s going wrong. The book also shows how God should play a part in modern relationships today. It would eliminate a lot of cheating, unwanted pregnancies, and mistrust. It's not for everyone nor is it targeted for everyone. However, if you're looking for a good story about one aspect of the human spirit, this is your book!" How To Lose A Black Woman is now available from

How To Lose A Black Woman by H.D. Campbell

Mega-Mech mayhem. Not content merely to dig up incomplete drafts of unfinished Gene Roddenberry scripts and turn them into series, Tribune Entertainment is mining other popular SF-related franchises - and tapping some familiar talent too. D.C. Fontana, one of the best-loved writers from the original Star Trek, has signed on as a writer aboard a new weekly syndicated series based on the MechWarrior games and BattleTech universe. Also taking a major part is Foundation Imaging, the Emmy-winning FX house which serviced Babylon 5's first three seasons, as well as the last four seasons of Star Trek: Voyager. Source: Foundation Imaging

Deep Space Nine continues in print. This month sees the return of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - as a series of novels taking place after the series finale, which saw the exit of numerous key characters (including Captain Sisko). S.D. Perry wrote the two-book intro to the post-season-seven adventures, Avatar, which introduces new characters to fill the gaps left over by Sisko, O'Brien and Worf, and introduces some old favorites, such as the newly-promoted Chief Engineer Nog and ex-Maquis rebel Ro Laren, to the mix. Intriguingly, the editor of the new Deep Space Nine novels has hinted that while Benjamin Sisko will no longer be the driving force in the story, the door is open for his return should a story warrant that development. Voyager fans will be pleased to learn that a late amendment has been made to the upcoming novelization of the Star Trek: Voyager series finale which could allow Pocket Books to continue the adventures of Janeway, Chakotay and company after their final season on the air.

Avatar Book One

Avatar Book Two

Classic Gamer #6 now available. Actually, it's been available for quite a while now...but I've barely had a chance to read it! The latest issue of Classic Gamer Magazine should now be in the hands of subscribers, as well as on the shelves of your local Tower Records store. In this issue, yours truly concludes an interview with former Odyssey 2 programmer Bob Harris, and the entire issue focuses on classic wargames. Most exciting of all? The CGM staff has been joined by Bill Kunkel, one of the original editors of the seminal early-1980s Electronic Games magazine. Go down to the nearest Tower Records to pick it up, or click here for subscription information. Source: Classic Gamer Magazine

Lost video treasures uncovered. This August, vintage video game enthusiasts will converge once again on Las Vegas for Classic Gaming Expo 2K1, with its usual mix of live, working arcade games, rare home video game goodies on display, new "retro" products, and even some recently-unburied treasure. This year, the latter category will be of particular interest as previously unreleased games are shown off for the first time, including a never-before-seen Atari 2600 version of Elevator Action, as well as Atari's versions of Pac-Man, Joust and Dig Dug for the ColecoVision - three more games which never saw the light of day. CGE 2K1 is scheduled for this August. Source: Classic Gaming Expo 2K1

Falkner demos premiered on new album. If you're waiting for Jason Falkner's latest, your wait is over - and has also just begun. Spin Art Records has released a collection of Falkner's 4-track demos from previous albums, as well as some unreleased tunes which may turn up in a more polished form at a later date, as Necessity: The 4-Track Years. The lo-fi demos show the songs at an early stage. But the real question is: when is Jason's next studio album due out...and who'll release it? Just this week, subscribers to the Jason Falkner mailing list hosted by Elektra Records received word that the list was being dropped - and this album's release by a small indie label isn't a promising sign. (Then again, Chris Bray - keeper of the Jellyfish mailing list - reminds me that Jason has in the past issued one-off singles on various bite-sized indie labels as well, so it may mean nothing.) But for now, enjoy this chunk of new Falk Rawk.

Jason Falkner: Necessity - The 4-Track Years

Meier to play a few rounds in Wright's Sim world. Legendary game designer Sid Meier - creator of the Civilization games and Railroad Tycoon - is making a guest appearance in Wil Wright's Sims universe. Meier is working on a new business-building simulation, Sid Meier's SimGolf, in conjunction with Wright's Maxis company. Players will design and build a golf course, add all the amenities they can afford, and watch players flock to the greens. There may also be some Sims-style control over the lives of the regulars at the country club as well. This marks the first collaboration between two designers who many consider to the be the premier "God game" creators in the industry. Source: Electronic Artss

Scooby Gang 2. This week, we've staked out a Killer DVD of the Week exclusively for our U.K. and European readers. Why? It's because some shows just seem to get a lot more respect overseas, and are bestowed with multi-tape and multi-DVD box sets. Case in point? Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Complete Second Season, a six-disc box set with several extra features and every episode of the show's sophomore year on the air. Many fans consider year two to be where the show really took off. 20th Century Fox Home Video has already released season one on DVD in Britain, and hopefully will be shelling out these goodies in digital disc format sometime late this year or early next year. (Man, I really need to save up for a multi-region DVD player...)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Complete Season Two DVD Box Set

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