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Week of June 11, 2001

Game Boy Advance arrives! Nintendo's new wonder of portable video gaming is arriving this week, and it looks set to make the venerable Game Boy the longest-lived console since the Atari 2600. Not only will the Game Boy Advance be compatible with some Nintendo GameCube titles, but it will be backward-compatible with your existing library of Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges (thank God someone finally picked up the hint!), and will only require one copy of a cartridge to allow up to four players to play simultaneously. is already stocking this pocket-sized marvel - and we've already picked out some excellent retro titles for Phosphor Dot Fossils fans. Super Mario Advance is not only an excellent portable port of the old SNES Super Mario World, but it also includes a multiplayer mode as well as a first, the original Mario Bros. arcade game (also playable with another player). Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure updates the classic Atari game by Activision, and Namco Museum for the Game Boy Advance brings back a quartet of quarter-gobbling classics - Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Pole Position and Dig Dug - perfectly translated. (Whither Pac-Man? Fear not - the yellow one will return in a second compilation of Pac-classics, assembled just for the Game Boy Advance, later this year.)

It is our intent to start reviewing Game Boy Advance titles in the Game Boy Gallery section of Phosphor Dot Fossils soon.

Game Boy Advance units and accessories

Super Mario Advance

Namco Museum

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure

Return to Dune. The Sci-Fi Channel has scheduled a repeat of its acclaimed Dune miniseries (also available on DVD), but the most exciting news from Arrakis is this week's release of Emperor: The Battle For Dune from Westwood Studios and Electronic Arts. This new 3-D real time strategy game picks up where Dune 2000 left off, with the Atreides, Harkonnen and Ordos Houses vying for control of Dune in a no-holds-barred war - as well as trying to gain alliances with any two of five unique subhouses who can add distinct and dangerous abilities to the Houses' existing technologies. Emperor is now available in North America and the U.K. and Europe, as is the prerequisite Prima Strategy Guide for those who need a safety cushion going into battle. Also check our exclusive interview with Frank Klepacki, one of the composers of Emperor's atmospheric soundtrack music.

Emperor: The Battle For Dune

Final works of Douglas Adams to be published. Let the cashing in begin - or grave robbing, depending on how you look at it. Pan, the U.K. publishers of the catalogue of the late, great Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy creator Douglas Adams, are said to be raiding the author's computer for the finished portions of his first science fiction novel in nearly a decade, The Salmon Of Doubt - a work which Pan intends to publish alongside his screenplay for the feature film version of Hitchhiker's Guide (a movie which seems like it's not likely to ever go before a camera). Other material, such as the script from the recent BBC Radio program The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Future, is said to be included in the book as well. There's no word on a title or publication date, or if Pan is considering the unthinkable: having someone finish Salmon Of Doubt in Adams' absence. Source: Sci-Fi Wire

Cloak unveiled. James Luceno's addition to the Star Wars literary universe, the new novel Cloak Of Deception, is on shelves now. Cloak is the story of the scandal surrounding Chancellor Valorum, alluded to briefly (and vaguely) in Episode I, and leads directly into the political situation that takes place in Phantom Menace. Rumor also has it that some surprising characters make cameo appearances - some of whom originated in the Thrawn Trilogy which relaunched Star Wars fandom ten years ago.

Star Wars: Cloak Of Deception

Section 31 books arrive. Such was the interest in the shadowy Starfleet black-ops organization known as Section 31 - introduced in the Deep Space Nine episode Inquisition - that Pocket Books has decided to spread the covert intelligence joy around the entire Star Trek universe. The first two books - the DS9 novel Abyss (co-written by David Weddle, who was a writer on the episode that introduced Section 31) and the Next Generation novel Rogue - are already out, with a Voyager novel (Shadow) and the Kirk-era Cloak to follow, tracing Section 31's activities back into the 23rd century.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Section 31 Abyss

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Section 31 Rogue

Doctor Who movie to be rerun at last. The Sci-Fi Channel has bought the rights to show the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie starring Paul McGann this July in the U.S., which will be the first airing of the movie since its premiere in May 1996. Also, video copies of the movie are no longer being sold in the U.K. to make way for this summer's DVD release, featuring a commentary by director Geoffrey Sax, a complete isolated music score track, and loads of bonus material. There's no word on whether or not that movie will be appearing in the American line of Doctor Who DVDs beginning this fall, however, since rights issues surrounding that movie are more complex on this side of the pond. Source: Outpost Gallifrey

Cornell ventures beyond the TARDIS. Renowned Doctor Who novel author Paul Cornell has left the TARDIS to create his own unique world, somewhere between SF, the supernatural, and soap opera, in his upcoming book Something More. Cornell's inimitable style blends distinctly British whimsy, terror, and wonder - and those who have enjoyed his past Doctor Who work will probably enjoy this novel as well. It's currently only available in the U.K., but will ship to the U.S. just fine.

Something More

Killer DVD of the Week. It was the surprise hit of 2000, and - naturally - I live in such a backward part of the country that I have yet to see it. Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon broke cinematic molds even in the director's native Taiwan, and earned the devotion of fans around the world even without a major marketing push. This is another movie which made it onto the map by sheer word of mouth - and from what everyone has told me, the admiring reception and the Oscars are richly deserved. It's also a rare instance of a movie being released on DVD almost simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic - Region 2 viewers can pre-order it in time for its release date only two weeks after it hits video shelves in North America.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Seasonal joy. Yet another much-loved SF series has arrived on DVD in the form of a full-season box set, in this case the first season of Showtime's acclaimed Stargate SG-1 starring Richard Dean Anderson. I haven't gotten to see much of this series, but what I have seen, I've liked. This five-disc DVD box set is now available, complete with the pilot episode (which had previously been available on its own DVD). And even if you aren't a Stargate fan, there's word that other studios are getting the hint from the runaway success of full-season DVD box sets of such TV series as Farscape, Stargate, Sex In The City, and U.K. releases of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The latest and most promising rumor has it that Paramount may be considering full-season box sets for the U.S. DVD releases of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager, possibly as soon as early 2002.

Stargate SG-1: Season One DVD Box Set

The Chip Set has fallen out of its socket. You may not have noticed, but The Chip Set - which was established a little under a year ago to provide a forum for gaming commentary - has vanished from Phosphor Dot Fossils. After nearly a year of inactivity, a year which contained only two articles (one of which had previously appeared on this site in a different area), I decided to mothball that area. In its place is a new menu dedicated to Retro Revival Reviews, covering games which revive arcade and home video game classics of the past for modern consoles. The one original article from the Chip Set section has been relocated to Scribblings From The Public Restroom Stalls Of The Gods.

The remodeling of continues, with work currently under way on the Episode Guides, Movie Reviews and Phosphor Dot Fossils. Much work remains to be done in SongBook (which itself contains literally hundreds of pages which have to be individually reconstructed), Scribblings From The Public Restroom Stalls Of The Gods, BookBag, ToyBox and the Arcade Artwork Archive. The latter may benefit most from the site's redesign, with menus being retooled to allow readers to select images by using thumbnails of the various characters, logos and scans - which will also mean faster load times. The Archive is also being remodeled, and we're hoping to have the archive menu completely updated soon so all past issues of can be accessed. Hopefully the entire site will be redesigned by Christmas.

Much of Phosphor Dot Fossils has already been redesigned, and I'm working on adding actual photos of various arcade games' cabinets to their respective profiles - though as you can probably imagine, this is sometimes harder than you might think. Some of the games covered in PDF were hard to find even back then, let alone 20 years later. If you think you can help, feel free to let me know.

Already redesigned from stem to stern are the Pixel Fiction, TV Work and Jump Cut City areas (we've gotta have priorities, right?). Also, for those wondering where the "this month in history" and "coming attractions" pages have gone, they too will be back at a later date, again with the new look.

Additionally, just so you know,'s domain registration has been extended, so your continued support of the site through our links to, and AnimèNation is much appreciated - and you get to see it in action here every week (if indeed one can call that action). Anytime you order something through those vendors, keep showing that support by using our search boxes and links to place those orders.

Earl Green webmaster/editor-in-chief

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