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Week of July 23, 2001

Buckaroo Banzai coming to DVD. Let the fans rejoice - MGM is preparing to release Buckaroo Banzai on DVD, with plenty of extras and deleted scenes, in time for Christmas this year (with a widescreen VHS version also hitting the shelves around the same time). Pocket Books will be cashing in by re-releasing the novelization of the film in a deluxe edition at the same time - and why do I have a feeling that, at around the same time all this is happening, we'll suddenly get some big piece of news about the BB series which has been pitched to Fox for the past two years? Source: Sci-Fi Wire

Mists Of Avalon does well for TNT - on night one. TNT's two-part miniseries adaptation of Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists Of Avalon set records for the network on its first night (July 15th) - and then seemed to all but vanish on the following night for the climax of the story. But hey, that's not stopping them from cashing in - a soundtrack CD is already available (truth be told, the Lee Holdridge/Loreena McKennit score was one of the best things about the show), and it seems more than a little bit likely that we'll be seeing the entire two-part epic (with obligatory extras) on DVD down the road.

The Mists Of Avalon
by Marion Zimmer Bradley

The Mists Of Avalon
music by Lee Holdridge

Technomage chronicles continue. The second book of the Babylon 5 literary trilogy subtitled "The Passing of the Technomages" arrives this month. In Jeanne Cavelos' Summoning Light, Galen - the rebellious Technomage who later joins Captain Gideon and the crew of the Excalibur in Crusade - takes center stage, and we learn of the circumstances surrounding the death of his lover Isabella, an event which was referenced numerous times in Crusade. As with the previous two trilogies concerning the origins (and fall) of the Psi Corps and the fate of Emperor Londo Mollari, the Technomage boooks are based upon an outline by B5 creator J. Michael Straczynski and are considered official in the shows' storylines.

Babylon 5: Summoning Light

Daleks, Darwin and Silurians... ..oh my. Big Finish Productions is starting to double up - no, triple up - on its audio drama releases in July. This month sees the release of Big Finish's latest Doctor Who Audio Adventure, Bloodtide, starring Colin Baker and Maggie Stables in a tale involving the reptilian Silurians and evolutionist Charles Darwin (!). The Doctor's arch enemies, the Daleks, are back in the second installment of their own four-part audio series, The Human Factor, starring Gareth Thomas of Blake's 7 fame. And the third CD of music from the Doctor Who Audio Adventures - the first to feature the music of composer Russell Stone - is also now available. Source: Big Finish Productions

Is it a planet or a disease? We can't seem to get anyone to confirm the title of this book - it's been hopping back and forth between Arcade Planet and Arcade Fever for a few months. And from the few pre-publication reviews we've seen, it may not matter - John Sellers' book has already ruffled feathers in retrogaming circles for its abrasive style and its tendency to repeat facts that many gamers already know by heart. So depending on your taste, we may still be waiting for Van Burnham's eagerly-awaited Supercade (or for me to land a Phosphor Dot Fossils book deal) for the definitive video game history book.

Arcade Fever (Planet?)

More Who on DVD in the U.S. than in the U.K.? In six weeks, Doctor Who hits American shores on shiny round discs, but once upon a time it seemed as though we'd never see the Doctor on DVD. But now, word has it that U.S. and Canadian viewers may get more Doctor Who on DVD than British fans are seeing! How is it possible? Warner Bros. Home Video is rumored to be readying a second line of Doctor Who DVDs which will not be counterparts to those released in the U.K.; as new adventures come out on VHS in the States, so too will budget-priced DVDs of the same titles, minus virtually any features whatsoever - no commentaries, no promos, no deleted scenes. The first title being readied, according to sources, is the 1985 Colin Baker season 22 premiere Attack Of The Cybermen. Word has it that the titles in this series will be simultaneously released with their VHS counterparts, and that DVDs will only be pressed of those stories which are unlikely to undergo restoration anytime soon. As of this time, there's no confirmation from Warner Bros. (the new American distributors of BBC Video products) of this potential series of "featureless" releases, and no dates have been set. Source: Outpost Gallifrey

An old friend makes it into print. Australian Xena fan and author Mary D. Brooks, who was also active on the Fidonet fan scene during the early days of the LogBook, is now a published author. Her Eva and Zoe series chronicles the lives and loves of two women in World War II-era Greece, and though it's not trying to be an official continuation of the Xena story, it will appeal to fans of that show (particularly the "subtext" fans, judging by the back cover blurbs). Mary has already sent the sequel to the printers, and further books in the series are planned. (Okay, seems like all of my friends have gotten book deals now - can I get one!?)

Out Of Darkness by Mary D. Brooks

Many fans regard it as a seminal animè experience, one which deals not so much with spandex and mecha as it does the darker recesses of the human psyche - and a ton of ass-kicking. Akira is being re-released this week as a special limited edition 2-disc DVD box set in a collectible tin, complete with a new English dub from a freshly translated version of the original Japanese script. Also included are tons of extras, inlcuding documentary features on the restoration of the original film and the making of this new version. But keep reading past the links - there are more Akira goodies!

Akira: Special Edition

Need a little reminder of Akira sitting on your desk at work? One of's sponsors, AnimèNation, is having a special this week only on a couple of McFarlane Toys' Akira action figures, to coincide with the movie's release on DVD.

Akira Tetsuo action figure

Akira Kaneda action figure

Is everything going to the PS2?
It looks like game companies are leaving the Playstation for dead, throwing all their weight behind the PS2. (That didn't take long.) And sadly, among those upcoming titles available only for the PS2 are some interesting Retro Revivals, including Pac-Man World 2 and new updated versions of Frogger, Defender and Spy Hunter. Word also has it that a new volume of the Namco Museum series could be in the works, containing a dozen games never before emulated officially. We'll let you know when these games hit the shelves (and, of course, you'll be able to order them here).

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