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Week of July 16, 2001

Premiere date set for Enterprise. Paramount has revealed that the new Star Trek prequel Enterprise will premiere at 7:00pm central time on Wednesday, September 26th on UPN. And we have it on reliable information that the Enterprise LogBook will start being updated rather heavily soon afterward... Source: TrekWeb

Emmy Nomination time again. It's that time of the year - the nominations for this year's prime-time Emmy Awards have been announced by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Listed below are only those categories which feature genre shows (with the exception of the outstanding guest actor category, which has a couple of familiar and beloved names in it), with the genre shows in bold type.

Cinematography for a single-camera series

  • X-Files: This Is Not Happening
  • Ally McBeal: Cloudy Skies, Chance Of Parade
  • JAG: Adrift part I
  • Law & Order: Endurance
  • The Practice: The Deal
  • The West Wing: Noel

Cinematography for a miniseries or movie

  • Frank Herbert's Dune: part II
  • Anne Frank: part II
  • Conspiracy
  • For Love Or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story
  • Life With Judy Garland - Me And My Shadows: part I
  • 61

Costumes for a series

  • Star Trek: Voyager: Shattered
  • The Lot: Mob Scene
  • Sex and the City: Sex and Another City
  • The Sopranos: Proshai, Livushka
  • Will & Grace: Lows In The Mid-Eighties

Hairstyling for a series

  • Star Trek: Voyager: Prophecy
  • The Lot: Daddy Dearest
  • Mad TV: 6th Season Premiere
  • Sex and the City: All Or Nothing
  • That 70s Show: Back Stage Pass

Makeup for a series

  • Star Trek: Voyager: The Void
  • X-Files: Deadalive
  • Mad TV: Mad TV's Second Annual Salute To The Movies
  • Sex and the City: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
  • The Sopranos: Employee Of The Month

Music composition for a series (dramatic underscore)

  • Star Trek: Voyager: Endgame
  • Xena: Warrior Princess: The Rheingold
  • Star Trek: Voyager: Workforce part I
  • The Simpsons: Simpson Safari
  • The West Wing: Shadow Of Two Gunmen

Guest Actor in a drama series

  • Rene Auberjonois: The Practice
  • James Cromwell: ER
  • Patrick Dempsey: Once And Again
  • Oliver Platt: The West Wing
  • Michael Emerson: The Practice

Sound editing for a series

  • Star Trek: Voyager: Endgame
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: 35K OBO
  • ER: The Crossing
  • The Fugitive: Pilot
  • Third Watch: Honor

Sound editing for a miniseries

  • Frank Herbert's Dune: part II
  • Anne Frank: part II
  • Conspiracy
  • Nuremberg: part II
  • 61

Outstanding special visual effects for a series

  • Dark Angel: Pilot
  • Star Trek: Voyager: Workforce part I
  • Star Trek: Voyager: Endgame
  • Stargate SG-1: Small Victories
  • Stargate SG-1: Exodus

Special visual effects for a miniseries, movie or special

  • Frank Herbert's Dune: part I
  • Allosaurus: A Walking With Dinosaurs Special
  • Haven: part I
  • Horatio Hornblower: Mutiny
  • Race Against Time

Mars Odyssey stops to ask Voyager for directions. The NASA/JPL Mars Odyssey space probe, en route to the red planet as you read this, is scheduled to ease into a safe orbit in late October. But concerns over two previous failed Mars probes inspired NASA to bring back a piece of older technology for use on its new explorers. No, it's not a sextant - it's a three-decade old technology called Delta DOR, which uses two Earthbound antennas to triangulate a vehicle's position with the radio signal of a quasar as a common factor. The Delta DOR technique was originally developed for Voyagers 1 and 2, the space probes which explored the planets beyond Mars in our solar system. Source: Associated Press

Storm warning. But in the meantime, what can Mars Odyssey expect to see when it reaches Mars? If the weather doesn't clear up, the answer is "not a lot." A dust storm has engulfed nearly half of the planet's visible disk for a month now, and NASA says the storm may grow further still. Source: Associated Press

Before the Ferengi, there was a guy on a mobile toilet. I've often said that Star Trek: The Next Generation "borrowed" the Borg from a 1966 Doctor Who story. And now that I think about it, Gene may have rented out the Ferengi from them as well. Ten years before Next Generation, there was The Sunmakers, a four-parter starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson as the Doctor and Leela. In this classic satire of the British tax system (written by the late, great Robert Holmes), our heroes are up against a "Usurian," a wealth-mongering creature whose business conglomerate has enslaved the population of Pluto as laborers - and the bottom line doesn't necessarily budget for their survival. Sunmakers is also known for bringing together several key players in the BBC's then-upcoming SF saga, Blake's 7, including director Pennant Roberts and actor Michael Keating (who went on to play Vila in B7). The Sunmakers is now available on video for the first time in the U.K.; no U.S. release details have been announced yet.

Doctor Who: The Sunmakers

New (and final) Xena soundtrack available. As we reported in May, the final soundtrack album from Xena: Warrior Princess takes up no less than two CDs, featuring music from the controversial two-part series finale (have heads rolled over this one yet?), as well as the three-part story arc of Xena's encounter with Grendel, the Ring, and the Valkyries, and two other episodes, Ides Of March and Fallen Angel. Also included are 15 of "the most requested unreleased songs and novelty items from the show's six seasons," according to Varese Sarabande, though our own sharp-eared resident Xena fan on staff, Mary Terrell, informs us that some of those fifteen favorites have been heard on other Xena soundtracks. Xena Volume 6 is now available.

Xena: Warrior Princess Volume 6

First Light shines new attention on ELO's origins. In the I-know-nobody-cares-about-this-but-me department, the resurgence of interest in ELO continues with this month's release of the deluxe First Light 2-CD multimedia package. Due for a July 23rd release, First Light will contain the newly-remastered, cleaned-up edition of ELO's first album, 1971's No Answer, along with extra tracks from the rare quadrophonic mix of the LP, and never-before-heard early demos and recordings. The second disc will be a real treat: a CD-ROM with archival photos, extensive information on the recording sessions and the band's origins, and even video clips which haven't been seen since the early 1970s. First Light is going to be made available in Britain first, and there's no word on whether or not the upcoming Sony re-release of No Answer will contain any of the same bonus material (particularly the multimedia CD-ROM, assembled by Abbey Road Interactive). Future First Light releases are also in the works, including the final album by The Move (the band whose members gave up fame to become the Electric Light Orchestra) and Roy Wood's incredible 1973 solo album Boulders.

Electric Light Orchestra: First Light

Here's a movie that'll probably be lost on some American viewers, but it's become a perennial favorite in Britain (as well as among Anglophiles on this side of the Atlantic). And why is it noteworthy? Possibly because it was one of the first times many people had ever seen an actor named Paul McGann, who of course later took on the mantle of Doctor Who in the 1996 TV movie revival of that classic SF series. Though his appearance is somewhat similar in Withnail & I, McGann plays a strikingly different part alongside star Richard E. Grant (who, coincidentally, played the tenth incarnation of the Doctor in 1999's popular Comic Relief spoof of the series). Withnail & I is a Criterion Collection title, so expect some bonuses as well.

Withnail & I

But...isn't she possessed by the Shadows!? Actress Melissa Gilbert has thrown her name into the hat as a candidate for presidency of the Screen Actors' Guild. Gilbert, also known as Mrs. Bruce Boxleitner (who played Captain Sheridan in Babylon 5 and acted alongside Gilbert in her guest shot in the show's third season finale, is hoping to do some damage control after recent in-fighting in the actors' union. The current SAG president, William Daniels (Mr. Feeny of Boy Meets World fame), probably won't try to seek another term. Source: Studio Briefing

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