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Week of February 26, 2001

Babylon 5 on DVD at last! Warner Bros. will release the first Babylon 5 DVD, containing The Gathering (no word on whether this will be the original 1993 PTEN premiere edition, the 1998 TNT re-cut, or perhaps even both) and In The Beginning, in July in the U.S. According to a Usenet post from series creator J. Michael Straczynski, it is also uncertain whether these two feature-length outings will be presented in full-frame or widescreen, and as of this writing, there will be no bonus features included. (Hey, if they're interested, I've got a buttload of the original movie and series launch promos on tape.) Source: J. Michael Straczynski

Galactica to be revived by X-Men director. Bryan Singer, who directed last year's well-regarded feature film adaptation of the X-Men comic, has signed to be one of two executive producers of a new television revival of Battlestar Galactica. The series will run both on the Sci-Fi Channel and its sister cable outlet, USA Network. Glen Larson, the creator of the original Galactica series, is also on board for the revival. (You may recall that Richard Hatch, who played Apollo in the 1970s incarnation of the show - not the Survivor winner - has been trying to launch a competing bid for a movie revisitation of Galactica for some time.) Singer, who may also direct the pilot episode if his pre-production schedule for X-Men II permits, confessed to being a follower of the original show. No casting information or premiere date plans have been announced at this time - nor has any word been heard on whether or not the new series will follow popular fan sentiments in disregarding the continuity of the lousy second season of the show, which aired under the title Galactica 1980. Source: Daily Variety

McGann returning for 2002 "season" of Doctor Who audio plays. Paul McGann, who, until last month, had only a solitary 1996 Doctor Who adventure under his belt, is reclaiming the role with a vengeance next year. The first four Audio Adventures of 2001 feature McGann's reprise as the Time Lord, but now Big Finish Productions has announced that the actor has returned to record six new adventures for release during the first half of 2002. The titles of the six four-part audio stories are Invaders From Mars (involving the Doctor in the extraordinary events surrounding the Orson Welles broadcast of War Of The Worlds), The Chimes Of Midnight (written by Robert Shearman), Seasons Of Fear (co-written by popular New Adventures novelist Paul Cornell), Embrace The Darkness, The Time Of The Daleks and NeverLand. The last of these will take the eighth Doctor to Gallifrey for the first time in audio form, and it will guest star former companion Lalla Ward as Romana, who is now the Time Lords' President. Big Finish also tantalizingly hints that NeverLand will involve a parallel universe, and that "nothing will ever be the same" with the series continuity after that story. (Then again, this is a claim that various BBC Books titles have made with such regularity, fandom has learned to take it with a grain of salt.) The last half of 2002 will feature adventures with Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy in the title role - and perhaps, if Big Finish can ever get him to sign on the dotted line, Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor. Source: Big Finish Productions

Next Trek spinoff rushing into production? Perhaps they're hoping to beat that actors' strike. Word has it that sets have already been built for the fifth Star Trek series on the Paramount lot, pre-production is in full swing, and we can probably expect casting speculation, if not announcements, soon. (But isn't it telling that fan interest in the casting seems to be at a dismal low, as compared to the sensational events surrounding the casting of Voyager?) Keep an eye on our Star Trek: The Next Series LogBook, a work in progress that will evolve as news of the new spinoff emerges. Source: Sci-Fi Wire

Killer DVD of the week. Having recently been reintroduced to the all-computer-animated series ReBoot by my wife, I have to say I'm impressed. I remember the first season which aired on ABC and later in syndication several years ago, aimed squarely at a younger demographic and full of insufferable puns. How the times change! The third season of ReBoot, which aired on Cartoon Network in 1999, takes a much more adult slant, with real live character development, romance, plot twists, and in-jokes on everything from the Star Trek franchise (with one particularly spoofy script written by D.C. Fontana herself) to The Prisoner - all while maintaining a sense of humor. While animè fans are hailing such shows as the Gundam series and Princess Mononoke as the high-water mark of mature Japanese animation, the Canadian-produced ReBoot comes along and snatches the innovation prize away from anything currently coming out of any other North American animation studio. The third season takes up four DVDs (or four VHS volumes), and the third of those four volumes has just been released, with the climactic fourth volume set for a March street date. And best of all? Mainframe Productions, the creators of ReBoot, have announced that their plans for a pair of made-for-TV ReBoot movies have been scrapped - in favor of another full season of half-hour episodes. Long live ReBoot!

ReBoot - Season 3, Volume 3

Dirk the Daring dwindles drastically! Capcom has unleashed a hitherto unthinkable Game Boy Color title you never thought you'd see: the complete original Dragon's Lair arcade game - in full-motion color video! Best of all, since the entire game is encoded into cartridge form, there's no irritating seek time, making this version faster than either the recent DVD remake or the original laserdisc coin-op. Though classic gaming fans will doubtless be debating the merits of this translation of Don Bluth's groundbreaking animated game for some time to come, the Game Boy version is available now. We'll try to review this mind-boggling bit of unearthed retro-gaming gold as soon as possible in Phosphor Dot Fossils.

Dragon's Lair for Game Boy Color

We're not quite Up yet. Tired of waiting for Peter Gabriel's long-awaited next album, Up? So are all of his other fans. Unless one counts OVO, the bizarre "soundtrack" project for London's Millennium Dome, we've been waiting nine years for the follow-up. But you're in good company - quite a few reputable musicians around the world also admire Gabriel's unique sound, and have assembled a tribute album called Dream In Red. Featuring new takes on such Gabriel classics as Games Without Frontiers, Don't Give Up, Mercy Street and Biko, this might just tide you over until Pete finally gets Up on the shelves.

Dream In Red: The Music of Peter Gabriel

New Trek adventures in print. Now available are two new novels set in the Next Generation era. In Keith R.A. deCandido's Diplomatic Implausibility, Worf - now in his post-DS9 ambassadorial gig - must fight his warrior instincts to preserve the peace. Tooth And Claw looks like it's in the timeframe around Star Trek: Generations.

Star Trek: TNG - Diplomatic Implausibility

Star Trek: TNG - Tooth And Claw

Classic Who on video. Just released in the U.S. by Warner Bros. Home Video is the critically acclaimed but occasionaly gory 1985 Doctor Who adventure, Revelation of the Daleks starring Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant. Though it's continuity-heavy and features more of Davros than the Daleks, fans seemed to find the hide-behind-the-sofa quality of this one appealing. For the first time, American fans get to see Revelation in its original format of two 45-minute episodes (a short-lived experiment which only lasted one season).

Extra special thanks! I want to take a moment to thank staff writers Cindy Hill, Dave Thomer, Mark Holtz, Nancy Rowland and newcomer Jeremy Benner (now working hard to plug the vast gaps in the Doctor Who LogBook's novel section) for all the work they've done during February. I work in television, so the sweeps month of February is usually heavy for me, and this time it's been murder due to a shortage of manpower at work. This site's content would've been dead in the water without the efforts of the above people, as I simply haven't had time to write new content (as last week's lack of a news page attested). I can't express enough appreciation for their help - nor for the patience of my wife, Jan, who stayed up late every night waiting for me to come home. Thank God for small mercies - ratings are almost over until May.

Another one bites the dust. After much thought on the subject, I have decided to phase out Blackstar as one of the site's sponsors. I've had some success with them, which is remarkable in light of my primary complaint with them: their link system doesn't work! It's amazing that I've gotten any sales at all through them. Therefore, I've begun the arduous task of shifting overseas DVD and videotape ordering links over to's impressive video store. There is another reason for this: with's future so closely tied to the continued existence of Amazon, I felt it foolish to divide up my potential revenue streams abroad. I apologize for any inconvenience this changeover may cause, but I feel it's in the best interests of both this site and Amazon's U.K. operation - and I need links that work and generate revenue to keep this site online.

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