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Week of February 12, 2001

Satellite Of Love crew crashes again. As you may remember, several months ago we pointed you in the direction of, a new humor site created by Mystery Science Theater 3000 alumni Mike Nelson, Kevin (Bobo/Tom Servo) Murphy, Paul Chaplin, Bill (Crow/Brain Guy) Corbett and Patrick Brantseg. Sadly, despite the best efforts of an undeniably talented group of creators and some truly twisted and hilarious content, TimmyBigHands is folding, citing that a decent number of hits doesn't necessarily mean a decent amount of income. There's no word on what's next for the former Best Brains. Source:

Killer DVD of the week. For months, I've been guilty of posting Killer DVDs of the Week which were only available in North America. This time, I'm going to turn the tables for the benefit of our British readers. This week's Killer DVD is the new, feature-loaded Doctor Who classic, Remembrance Of The Daleks, starring Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred as the Doctor and Ace. This pivotal four-part story was the first to portray the Seventh Doctor as a dark, brooding, scheming chessmaster, slyly forcing the Daleks into a corner in which they would destroy themselves. The DVD includes raw location session footage, some multi-angle sequences, an isolated music soundtrack, and a running commentary from McCoy and Aldred.

U.S. fans, fear not: Remembrance has already been issued Stateside as part of a VHS box set, and the DVD will eventually see the light of day here.

Doctor Who: Remembrance Of The Daleks

Pages and pages of mages. This month, Del Ray is premiering the first book of their third Babylon 5 literary trilogy, The Passing Of The Techno-Mages, Book One: Casting Shadows by Jeanne Cavelos. This latest triptych (based upon a story outline by series creator J. Michael Straczynski) will feature characters such as Elric, Morden and Galen (of Crusade fame) will be central to this arc, and the final book may largely take place with the Excalibur crew.

Babylon 5: Casting Shadows

Welcome to the real world. Though it's been rumored for some time, only this week did the news become official: Interplay has inked a multi-million-dollar deal with Warner Bros. for video game rights to The Matrix. The Wachowski Brothers themselves have been closely involved with the development of the first game, which is targeted for a strategic release alongside the first of two planned sequel films. (The game is also said to contain elements from the sequels, so don't expect any story leaks.) That first title is expected to be delivered for the Playstation 2. Source: Daily Variety

New soundtracks and a little bit of Ralf. Some new music has hit the shelves that might be of interest to SF fans - and one which is probably just of interest to me.

German jazz guitarist Ralf Illenberger's latest release, The Kiss: Five Waves Of Bliss, is operatic in concept, with longer tracks than Illenberger's usual fare, but if his past works are anything to go by, we're still in for a treat. In the meantime, in the soundtrack department, GNP Crescendo Records has released the soundtracks from the Sci-Fi Channel's offbeat Canadian import Lexx, as well as the syndicated series RoboCop: Prime Directives (is this actually being seen anywhere? I haven't seen it in my local listings at all!). Also on Crescendo's future release slate is the soundtrack from the Sci-Fi Channel's recent Dune miniseries, while Sonic Images has announced a second volume of Earth: Final Conflict music as one of its handful of releases for 2001.

Lexx original soundtrack by Marty Simon

RoboCop: Prime Directives original soundtrack

Ralf Illenberger - The Kiss: Five Waves Of Bliss

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