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Week of December 17, 2001

Andromeda fans in Stait of shock? Remember the line "Follow the rats, that's good enough for me" from Titanic? Looks like the ship isn't done sinking on the troubled syndicated series Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda. Brent Stait, who has become a fan favorite as enlightened Magog priest Rev Bem, has left the show, according to a statement from Tribune Entertainmet. Stait was apparently starting to experience major health issues with his character's extensive prosthetic makeup, and the show's producers do not anticipate recasting the character. Source: Sci-Fi Wire

And so it begins. Mere weeks after dropping hints that the future of Babylon 5 on DVD rested on public reaction to the first volume (which was last week's featured title here at, series creator J. Michael Stracynzski has revealed that work is already beginning on the next DVD of the series. In a recent Usenet posting, Straczynski said "I checked with [Warner Bros.], and they say they've finished conforming all but three season one episodes for DVD, and are still intending to go ahead." What about full-season box sets, you wonder? Nothing official has been said, though Straczynski dropped the following tantalizing (if vague) hint: "Due to the response to the B5 movie DVDs, it's my understanding that WB is almost there on deciding to release the first few seasons." submitted by Dave Thomer

Stay inside the ropes and keep your quarters in your pockets. You'll need them for Namco's newest Namco Museum collection - though this one is only for the Playstation 2. Not only are those arcade chestnuts Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaxian, Pole Position and Pole Position II included, but so too are the first-ever console versions of Pac-Man Arrangement, Dig Dug Arrangement and Galaga Arrangement, just to make sure you buy this version instead of just getting the original PS1 Namco Museums 1 through 5. (Gamecube and Xbox owners need not fear - Namco is an equal opportunity re-purposer-of-content and is readying Namco Museums for those consoles for release in 2002.) Namco Museum PS2 is now available from

Namco Museum PS2

Did Paramount handle Classic Trek wrong on DVD? With the latest volume of Kirk-era adventures having been released, Paramount Home Vidoe is admitting that their handling of the original series on shiny round things may have fallen short of the mark. The original Star Trek DVD collection takes up 40 discs, with only two episodes and a few bonus features (mostly the same introductions and interviews produced for the Sci-Fi Channel's airings of the series) per disc. In a recent AP story on DVD box sets of television series, a Paramount spokesperson said that the company would've tackled the job of putting Star Trek on DVD differently had they seen the full-season box set trend coming; however, that said, Paramount's making no plans to redo the original Star Trek as a box set or series of sets, nor will the existing volumes be offered as an all-in-one package. Source: Associated Press

Star Trek Volume 39
The Savage Curtain / All Our Yesterdays

Star Trek Volume 40
Turnabout Intruder / The Cage

Retro collections arrive across the pond. What's that, old chap? You live across the Atlantic but you're in dire need of a classic video game fix? It's a spot of bother when UK release dates lag months behind US street dates, but the remedy is here at last: Infogrames' UK wing has launched two multi-game Namco collections for the Game Boy Advance, Namco Museum Advance and Pac-Man Collection, both of which have gotten rave reviews in the States. And on both sides of the pond, retro-gamers have another treat to look forward to next year as Infogrames launches Atari Anniversary Advance, a six-game collection including classics never before seen on a handheld platform, including Tempest. Now how cool is that? The two Namco collections are now available, while Atari Anniversary Advance is slated for sometime in 2002.

Namco Museum Advance
Pac-Man Collection

There can be only one, but it'll take up eight. Highlander: The Series will be arriving on DVD sometime soon. The entire first season of the series which (at the time) starred Adrian Paul and Alexandra Vandernoot will be spread out over an eight-disc box set. Each episode will feature an introduction and commentary from executive producer Bill Panzer, a "Watchers" feature with factoids on the show's regular and guest characters, ways to jump directly to flashback and quickening scenes, a behind-the-scenes feature, bloopers, and the complete script to each episode. There's no word as yet on a release schedule for future box sets. Source: Official Highlander Fan Club

The digital padawan. Worried that you're too old to pass the Jedi Council's rigorous standards? Never fear. You, like Anakin Skywalker, can tag along with Obi-Wan on his adventures as seen in Star Wars Episode I - and a few capers that happened between scenes. The first Star Wars title for the Microsoft Xbox, Obi-Wan has gotten some rave reviews (and we have to admit, it just looks impressive). Obi-Wan is now available through

Star Wars: Obi-Wan

The 5200's taking off again?! If you thought the much-maligned Atari 5200 was a dead machine, think again - a new 5200 game is in development right now by homebrew programmer Ron Lloyd, and if there's enough interest in it, he plans to make it available in actual cartridge form and not just as an emulator ROM sometime in 2002. Ron has a development diary site up and running, and the screen shots he's leaked out so far look very promising and very much in a classic game mold. Click the link below to see the latest on Koffi: Yellow Kopter - and make sure you express your interest and support so Ron will know there's a market for the game as actual cartridges.

Atari 5200 Koffi: Yellow Kopter Development Site

Eye on Io. In August and October, JPL's Galileo space probe made the closest flybys yet of Io, the volcanically hyperactive moon of Jupiter which made headlines when Voyager scientists spotted an eruption in 1980. The new images give the best view yet of Io's inhospitable surface, including a volcanic crater, 47 miles across, named after the Brazilian god of thunder, Tupan Patera. Take a look at these and other recently-released Io images at the link to JPL's Galileo project page below.

JPL - Project Galileo at Io

TNT's summer miniseries adaptation of Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists Of Avalon, a retelling of the Arthurian legend from the point of view of the women taking place in the saga, was either loved or hated by those who'd read Bradley's books - and in large part, bewildered those who hadn't. Now the entire miniseries is available in DVD form, with additional scenes and in anamorphic widescreen so you can take in a bit more of the beautiful location work (most viewers did, at least, agree on that). The Mists Of Avalon is now available through

The Mists Of Avalon

Special forces, 24th century style. Even in Gene Roddenberry's perfect future, we're still going to need special forces. The much-loved first-person shooter Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force has arrived for the Playstation 2, with a February release date slated for PS2 owners in the U.K.; if you're curious about the game, check out our review of the PC edition in Pixel Fiction. Elite Force is now available through

Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force

Light only travels so fast. Whoops - looks like Lynne Me Your Ears, Not Lame Records' 2-CD all-star tribute to the music of Jeff Lynne and ELO, has been delayed into January due to a misprint in a critical portion of the CD booklet. However, pre-orders are still being taken on the title. Not Lame Records has issued an apology to those who pre-ordered the title in the hopes of wrapping it up (or opening it up) as a Christmas present.

Lynne Me Your Ears: A Tribute To ELO and Jeff Lynne

And don't forget the other next generation platform. Who needs the Xbox/Gamecube wars when it looks like the original next-generation video game rivalry - Atari 5200 vs. ColecoVision - is heating up all over again? Late last week Good Deal Games announced the first new ColecoVision titles in quite some while as their next self-published games - and they're holding a contest to see who can name one of them. The game which already has a name, Cosmo Fighter 3, bears an ever-so-slight resemblance to a certain game whose name starts with X, while the untitled game, featuring a giant killer snowman (!), is also in the works. Whoever names the game gets a free finished copy of it.

Good Deal Games Publishing - New ColecoVision Cartridges

UPN to be managed by CBS head. The longtime head of the Paramount Television Group, Kerry McCluggage, is resigning in late January 2002, and management of UPN will be handed over to sometimes controversial CBS chief executive officer Les Moonves. It is unknown if anyone will be appointed by Moonves to head up UPN; the network's current president, Dean Valentine, is embroiled in a lawsuit over claims of an unfulfilled promise of a performance bonus. Despite the increasing closeness of CBS and UPN since Viacom's acquisition of CBS, spokespeople for Viacom deny rumors that we'll be seeing Buffy or Enterprise on the Eye network anytime in the future. Source: Electronic Media

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