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Week of December 10, 2001

Anderson to close X-Files. Gillian Anderson has made it quite clear that she'll be leaving Fox's The X-Files at the end of its ninth season, which began airing in November. The network hasn't announced if the show will continue under new stars Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish, or if the departure of the last of the show's original cast will mean the end of the series. Source: Sci-Fi Wire

Biography to feature Lucas. A&E's popular Biography series has scored a coup that'll be of interest to genre fans. An all-new installment of the show, set for a January 6th premiere, delves into the life, times and inspiration of Star Wars creator George Lucas. Airing at 8pm eastern/7pm central, the show features such guests as Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Francis Ford Coppola, Ron Howard, Liam Neeson, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and members of Lucas' own family. Source: A&E Networks

TNG on DVD in March. Paramount's made it official: Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season One: The Collector's Edition is set for a March 2002 release. All 26 episodes will be spread out over seven discs, with selected episodes receiving audio commentary from the stars and other personnel and over two hours of behind-the-scenes footage. The final DVD in the Classic Trek range will include a sneak preview of the Next Generation box set. Season two is set for a May release. No suggested retail price has been announced. As soon as pre-orders are being taken at, you'll be able to purchase Next Generation on DVD through Watch this space! Source: The Digital Bits

In the crosshairs. The Tribulation Force has Nicolae Carpathia in its crosshairs - and someone's actually going to take the shot. The latest in the Left Behind Experience In Sound And Drama series brings the twelve radio drama episodes covering the sixth book in the series, Assassins, to you as a 4-CD set. Two further books, The Indwelling (closely tied to this story's climax) and The Mark, have already been turned into radio shows and are scheduled for release in early 2002. If the Left Behind TV series ever comes to pass, we'll be lucky if it's as good as the radio dramas. Assassins is now available from

Assassins: An Experience In Sound And Drama

There can be only one. The Doctor is back in yet another Audio Adventure from Big Finish, but this time he's got a problem - some other flamboyantly-dressed do-gooder is out there, claiming that he is the Doctor. The final audio story for this year, The One Doctor is not only an all-out comedy, but reunites the lamentably short-lived Trial Of A Time Lord pairing of Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford as the sixth Doctor and Melanie. Feel free to order from the links below - and make sure to tell the vendors where you heard about it!

Doctor Who - The One Doctor

Reflected light. Though much maligned as a group which happened to be around during the heyday of disco, ELO goes back a lot further than that - and so does group co-founder Jeff Lynne. Having paid his dues in bands like the Idle Race and The Move prior to forming ELO with Roy Wood, Lynne returned this year with a new ELO album - and with a little more respect and admiration from fellow musicians. In the new double-CD tribute album Lynne Me Your Ears, Lynne's music - from the Idle Race straight through to his days in the Traveling Wilburys - is covered by pop artists as diverse as Todd Rundgren, Sixpence None The Richer, Tal Bachman, Jason Falkner and many more. Lynne Me Your Ears is now available from

Lynne Me Your Ears: A Tribute To ELO and Jeff Lynne

Battling it out. Fans and gamers are split down the middle in their opinion of the latest LucasArts PC release, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. Built on the same engine that made Age Of Empires and its offspring a hit, Galactic Battlegrounds includes such Star Wars staples as the Empire, Wookiees, Rebels, the Neimoidian Trade Federation, and - if yousa so inclined - even Gungans, pitting them against one another in land-based battles loaded with Star Wars vehicles and hardware. But is it a good real-time strategy game? You be the judge. Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds is now available from

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

Infinite menace. The Doctor's not the only one returning this month. The Daleks are also back in their own Dalek Empire audio series' third installment, Death To The Daleks!, in which the horrifying details about their plans for universal conquest become clearer. Blake's 7's Gareth Thomas leads the cast of intrepid freedom fighters who are all that stand between the metallic monstrosities and civilization. Feel free to order from the links below - and make sure to tell the vendors where you heard about it!

Dalek Empire - Death To The Daleks!

The further adventures of... Big Finish Productions has unleashed a fourth collection of musical scores from their well-regarded Doctor Who Audio Adventures, this time with a twist: all four of the scores included on this collection come from 2001's first "season" of stories starring Paul McGann as the eighth Doctor. Music for the four stories - by Alistair Lock, Nicholas Briggs, Russell Stone and William Allen - covered a broad spectrum of styles and genres, and aimed for a more panoramic, "big screen" feel than usual. Feel free to order from the links below - and make sure to tell the vendors where you heard about it!

Doctor Who - Music From The Eighth Doctor Audio Adventures

It's the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind - and it's finally on a shiny round thing! The first Babylon 5 DVD is now available, and let me tell you why you must buy it. Warner Bros. Home Video, which pulled the rug out from under the Babylon 5 VHS releases in the U.S., leaving much of seasons two and four - and all of the pivotal third season - unavailable, has said that further Babylon 5 DVD releases depend upon the public's response to this first release. The first volume includes the TNT Special Edition version of the pilot movie The Gathering, and the TNT prequel movie In The Beginning, the latter in anamorphic widescreen. Get this disc now - the future of Babylon 5 on DVD depends on it!

Babylon 5: In The Beginning / The Gathering

Is Mars terraforming itself? It's a subject of some debate in the scientific community, but I won't go so far as to make the insufferable pun that astrophysicists are polarized over the issue. Michael Caplinger of Malin Space Science Systems has presented his theory that the climate of Mars is warming and its atmosphere is becoming more dense, citing the erosion of the planet's frozen carbon dioxide at the ice caps as evidence. And while this meltdown would need to continue for thousands of years, it could be a sign that, if left to its own devices, Mars could eventually become what Caplinger refers to as a "shirtsleeve environment." Other scientists, however, have countered Caplinger's findings, cautioning that the erosion is too recent to be a conclusive sign of anything regarding the red planet's climate. There's no word on whether Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts are being sent to outfit the Viking probes or the Mars Rover. Source: Associated Press

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