Babylon 5 Shadow Sentient

Babylon 5 Shadow SentientThe most difficult Babylon 5 figure to locate – and the most expensive to find in the current collectors’ market – the Shadow Sentient is a strikingly intricate representation of Babylon 5’s ancient evil. It’s also possibly the best shot anyone has of figuring out the creatures’ shape, which was always kept rather indistinct on screen.

Technically, the Shadow Sentient figure belongs to the third wave of Babylon 5 figures, but it was seldom if ever distributed on its own; the Shadow Sentient was an exclusive pack-in figure with the first release run of the Babylon 5 Collectible Card Game. Still on its card, the Shadow Sentient commonly fetches prices of $100 or more. (I specifically sought a loose figure just because I wanted to be able to examine it outside of its blister bubble without devaluing it – and because it’d be cheaper, though I discovered not by much.)