Star Trek Starships Collection: S.S. Intrepid

Eaglemoss Intrepid

Eaglemoss IntrepidAnother of Eaglemoss’ tiny Star Trek starships, the U.S.S. Intrepid proves that I’m a sucker for those “primitive” 22nd century ship designs, for here is another early Starfleet ship that flies alongside the NX-01 and the U.S.S. Franklin already in my collection.

Unlike the Eaglemoss ships in my little fleet, however, the Intrepid is far more representative of the company’s monthly offerings than the other ships, which were “special edition” releases. It’s a smaller replica than either of those (with a smaller price tag to boot) – to say this is a little piece of the 22nd century isn’t an error.

The Intrepid has an interesting pedigree, too.

Eaglemoss Intrepid


Open Road Brand Signs

If you frequent stores like Atwoods or Hobby Lobby, and you’ve seen reproductions of retro gas station signs and other bits of advertising Americana that have seeped into the collective memory of pop culture, chances are that these bits of signage came from Wichita, Kansas-based Open Road Brands…and the company hasn’t stopped there. In recent years, they’ve been licensing decidedly less old-timey pieces of pop culture and gracing them with the same raised-relief metal sign treatment.

Open Road had already licensed numerous characters and classic covers from DC and Marvel, but has now ventured into similar waters with the venerable Star Trek and Star Wars brands. While there are several examples of more up-to-date designs featuring characters, concepts and catchphrases from both sci-fi franchises, I found myself irresistibly drawn to the classic comic book covers from both. I was in the process of redecorating my home in “period geek” anyway, so why not? […]

Star Trek: The Motion Picture U.S.S. Enterprise

U.S.S. EnterpriseThe second coming of Star Trek, ten years after its cancellation, was a licensing goldmine for Paramount. Star Wars had already primed the public pump for science fiction, and Superman had proven that throwing a large budget and an existing, recognizable brand at that audience was a surefire recipe for success. Having already quietly cancelled a proposed second swipe at Trek on TV – a project so far along that sets had been constructed and scripts for half a season’s worth of episodes had been written – Paramount decided to take those sets, and the movie-length pilot script, and go large with it. The result was Star Trek: The Motion Picture… but who should the new Star Trek adventure be marketed to? […]

Star Trek: TNG – The Cheerios Contest (1987-88)

Star Trek: The Next Generation Cheerios Contest Spot (1987-88)First aired in the only broadcast of the two-hour version of Encounter At Farpoint, the Cheerios Star Trek: The Next Generation sweepstakes commercial may be just a little bit on the cheesy side, but for fans of the show and admirers of the Galaxy-class U.S.S. Enterprise, it also offers several unique glimpses of the bridge – possibly in an unfinished state – that would never be seen in footage from the series itself. […]

Star Trek III: The Search For Spock Action Figures (1984)

Star Trek III action figures - photo copyright 2007 Earl Green / theLogBook.comAfter the smash success of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Ertl stepped up to the plate to grab the toy license for Star Trek III – which, of course, was a much less action-oriented movie. Ertl produced only four characters, as well as small die-cast metal replicas of the Enterprise (not as good as the earlier version released by another manufacturer for Star Trek: The Motion Picture) and the Klingon Bird of Prey. […]

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Final Chapter” promo kit

Star Trek: Deep Space NineIn May 1999, Paramount Domestic Television splurged on the outgoing Deep Space Nine by sending some rather large items to the stations carrying the show’s final season. The curved, pie-wedge case seen below stood over two feet tall, and opened up to display a nice shot of the wormhole. Part of that shot was a separate dossier which could be removed, containing photos, publicity material, and other information. […]

Star Trek: Voyager Syndication Launch Kit Torpedo

Star Trek: VoyagerIn July 1999, Paramount Domestic Television sent out one of these nifty, scaled-down photon torpedo casings to those 200-odd stations which had finalized the contract to carry Star Trek: Voyager in nightly syndication. The torpedo contained two binders of promotional material, an open audio reel with radio spots, a CD-ROM with much of the same material as the binders, and a VHS videotape with examples of promotional spots for the show. […]