Star Trek: TNG – The Cheerios Contest (1987-88)

Star Trek: The Next Generation Cheerios Contest Spot (1987-88)First aired in the only broadcast of the two-hour version of Encounter At Farpoint, the Cheerios Star Trek: The Next Generation sweepstakes commercial may be just a little bit on the cheesy side, but for fans of the show and admirers of the Galaxy-class U.S.S. Enterprise, it also offers several unique glimpses of the bridge – possibly in an unfinished state – that would never be seen in footage from the series itself. […]

Hercules / Xena Letter Opener

Xena: Warrior PrincessAround 1997 and 1998, there were few surer bets in U.S. television syndication than Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys – especially the former. Actually a Hercules spinoff, Xena’s more serious (and yet still occasionally campy) atmosphere gained a whole new fan following. As the show took off, advertisers clamored to sign up, production values soared, and so did the price tag of goodies that were minted to impress stations carrying the series. At the time, I was working for a UPN station in Green Bay that carried both shows, and Universal had the spare dough to blow on lavish stuff like a bi-weekly CD-ROM of photos and promotional material for new episodes (most syndicators, including Paramount, just sent out print materials and B&W photos), or this letter-opener.


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “Final Chapter” promo kit

Star Trek: Deep Space NineIn May 1999, Paramount Domestic Television splurged on the outgoing Deep Space Nine by sending some rather large items to the stations carrying the show’s final season. The curved, pie-wedge case seen below stood over two feet tall, and opened up to display a nice shot of the wormhole. Part of that shot was a separate dossier which could be removed, containing photos, publicity material, and other information. […]

Star Trek: Voyager Syndication Launch Kit Torpedo

Star Trek: VoyagerIn July 1999, Paramount Domestic Television sent out one of these nifty, scaled-down photon torpedo casings to those 200-odd stations which had finalized the contract to carry Star Trek: Voyager in nightly syndication. The torpedo contained two binders of promotional material, an open audio reel with radio spots, a CD-ROM with much of the same material as the binders, and a VHS videotape with examples of promotional spots for the show. […]