The Chart of Cosmic Exploration

It doesn’t take much poking around on this site to know that I like space exploration just a little bit. Historic space exploration and spaceflight events are all over the main menu, which is an ever-changing “today in history” page. For me, science and science fiction go hand-in-hand, and tracing the intersections where the two meet – when we finally observe a phenomenon up-close of which we’ve previously only dreamed, when something on TV inspires a new piece of technology in the real world – is what this site (and, to some extent, its head writer) is all about. So, you thrust a big honkin’ map of the solar system under my nose, with a nearly-complete roll call of every interplanetary space probe any country on Earth has ever launched, and I am there. […]

Power-Up Arcade Light Switch

Power-Up Arcade Light Switch

Need to feel a little more arcadey in your home game room? The Power-Up Arcade Light Switch has you covered; it’s a simple swap-out with the existing cover plate on a single-switch light fixture, and definitely helps you get your game face on.

The switch comes with a pair of elongated screws (designed to replace the smaller screws already holding your standard-issue light switch cover plate in place, and to account for the greater “depth” needed to attach the much thicker Power-Up switch to that fixture), and the switch itself. It’s easy to install – even if it’s the first time you’ve ever replaced a light switch cover plate, there’s not much here that’s really challenging. […]

Open Road Brand Signs

If you frequent stores like Atwoods or Hobby Lobby, and you’ve seen reproductions of retro gas station signs and other bits of advertising Americana that have seeped into the collective memory of pop culture, chances are that these bits of signage came from Wichita, Kansas-based Open Road Brands…and the company hasn’t stopped there. In recent years, they’ve been licensing decidedly less old-timey pieces of pop culture and gracing them with the same raised-relief metal sign treatment.

Open Road had already licensed numerous characters and classic covers from DC and Marvel, but has now ventured into similar waters with the venerable Star Trek and Star Wars brands. While there are several examples of more up-to-date designs featuring characters, concepts and catchphrases from both sci-fi franchises, I found myself irresistibly drawn to the classic comic book covers from both. I was in the process of redecorating my home in “period geek” anyway, so why not? […]