About theLogBook.com’s ToyBox

If Da Vinci designed an action figure, this is how he'd do it.A lot of what any of us who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s remember about our childhood has to do with toys. In the 1960s, there were name brands not tied to specific media entities – G.I. Joe, Barbie, and so forth. But once Star Wars struck, and the brilliantly-executed merchandising bonanza of George Lucas’ universe began, you suddenly couldn’t swing a reel of film around the room without hitting some kind of movie or TV-inspired toys.

That trend continued into the 1990s, but of late, with a handful of exceptions, action figures have returned to the niche market, strictly collectors’ items (and, nowadays, frequently horribly overpriced). What still hits the mass market? Star Wars, of course, but the rest of the market seems to be dominated by sports-related figures, especially celebrities from the field of pro wrestling. Most others have fallen by the wayside, or stay in production just long enough to milk the attendant publicity wave of the film or TV series that inspired them.

This, then, is a tribute to the age of cool toys – and their modern-day descendants which proudly carry the torch. This is not a site for stuffy collectors, but for those of us who defied the common-sense axiom to “never take them out of the original packaging” and had fun with them. We discuss collecting here, but we collect these items to enjoy them, not to sit and stare at them. Go figure.

If you have any unique items, collectibles or even entire collections that you’d like to share with others, contact theLogBook.com’s webmaster to find out how you can contribute to this online gallery of misfit toys.