501: The Apple Episode

HGR2: You think I’m a pretty basic podcast host? Oh baby, I am totally a BASIC podcast host. It’s a memory core dump from the early days of Commodore PETs and the mighty Apple IIe-compatible Franklin ACE 1000, a journey back in time to the computers that made me fall in love with…well…computers. Also, the obligatory soundtrack, action figure, gaming, and TV mutterings, and maybe a hint as to why Phosphor Dot Fossils vanished for a little while. (1:19:55)

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401: A Warp-Speed (Podcast) Survey of Early Star Trek Video Games

Welcome aboard, Captain! Star Trek video games didn’t arise from the glory years of the franchise, but during its wilderness years. This audio version of a recent theLogBook.com livestream traces the development of both licensed and unlicensed Star Trek and computer games, and the beginning of the modern age of the franchise as a gaming IP. (1:02:23)

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