Classic Gaming Expo 2007

At every Classic Gaming Expo, the game designers and hardware gurus who were there on the ground floor of the video game industry tell their stories – how they started their careers, implemented their ground-breaking ideas, and ultimately created a multi-billion dollar industry. They are the pioneering programmers who built legendary machines such as the Atari 2600 and Intellivision, and created timeless favorites such as Pitfall! and Pong.

Now, for the first time, an entire Classic Gaming Expo show has been professionally filmed and edited – Every keynote presentation! Every minute of the legendary CGE Auction! Even the invitation-only alumni dinner!

  • Jay Smith – Father of Vectrex (50:06)
  • The Activision Designers (57:55)
    featuring Glyn Anderson, Steve Cartwright, David Crane, Garry Kitchen
  • Programming The Atari 2600 (58:00)
    featuring David Crane, Keithen Hayenga, Bob Polaro, Steve Woita, Steve Wright
  • Al Alcorn: Where Did Atari Come From? (59:21)
  • The Making Of Intellivision (1:01:12)
    featuring Glyn Anderson, Keith Robinson, John P. Sohl, Dave Warhol
  • The Future Of Video Game Journalism (52:42)
    featuring Chris Bieniek, Chris Kohler, Bill Kunkel
  • CGE Auction 2007 (dangerously close to 3 hours!)
  • CGE Stories (53:03)
    featuring John Hardie, Sean Kelly, Joe Santulli
  • Alumni Dinner 2007 (41:34)
    featuring Al Alcorn, Walter Day, Garry Kitchen, Bill Kunkel, Keith Robinson
  • CGE 2K7