Best of Classic Gaming Expo 2005

The designers and programmers behind classic video game hardware and software return to where the industry took off – Burlingame, California, the original home of Atari. Meet the legendary programmers behind the biggest games from Atari, Activision and Imagic, the creator of the first cartridge-based home video game system, pioneering video game journalist Bill Kunkel (Electronic Games Magazine) and more, all filmed in standard def 16:9 widescreen. (Approx. 6 hrs. NTSC 16:9 widescreen)

Best of CGE '05


  • Activision vs. Imagic – a unique gathering of the third-party software masters. The creators of such hit Atari 2600 games as Pitfall! and Atlantis talk about what drove them from Atari to start their own companies, and their view of the state of the video game industry as of 2005. Over an hour of lively discussion!
  • The Atari Engineers – three of the hardware wizards who were there on the ground floor at the beginning of Atari discuss the early days: competition, innovation, and working with Nolan.
  • Jerry Lawson – meet the man behind the first cartridge-based video game system: the Fairchild Video Entertainment System, introduced in 1976 (and later renamed Fairchild Channel F after the introduction of the Atari VCS).
  • Bill Kunkel – along with Joyce Worley and Arnie Katz, Bill Kunkel was a pioneer of video game journalism and helped to launch Electronic Games Magazine. He recounts the journey from “why would anyone publish a magazine about video games?” to EG’s heyday.
  • Bonus features: CGE ’05 Raw Footage – raw, unedited footage from the show floor and the CGE museum. It’s CGE as seen from an attendee’s perspective!

Best of CGE '05

  • The Atari Programmers – a gathering of some of Atari’s greatest video game designers talks about their time at the company, from the Nolan Bushnell era through the Warner era, competing with their former co-workers at Activision, and the perils of licensing arcade and movie titles for video games. It’s a surprisingly frank discussion of the state of the industry, then and now, lasting nearly an hour and a half.

All of the video shot for Best of CGE ’05 was shot in standard definition 16:9 widescreen.

Best of CGE '05

This is a series of downloadable videos. Physical DVDs are no longer being stocked.