The Post-Game-Show…Show

Computer Golf!First off, a huge thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. The response has been tremendous, which is really encouraging since I’m already deep into recording and production of several future episodes at once. So, with that in mind, let’s do the FAQ thing real quick-like.

  • Select Game will be a monthly podcast. This gives me time to build up a backlog of episodes (always a good plan when life on the other side of the screen is throwing you for as many loops as humanly possible), and it’s also a hedge against burnout on my end. (My previous podcast was a project to produce 366 episodes in two years for a daily format, which made perfect sense to me as an old radio guy, but nearly killed me to do as a podcast.) Once Select Game has gotten a second show out the door, I also have some plans, outlines, topics and ideas that may become a second, non-video-game-related podcast that will alternate with Select Game. Stay tuned.
  • Lots of questions concerning how I record the gameplay segments. It goes something like this: I have my Odyssey2 hooked up to a TV, and its output is also routed to a computer that directly records that output. I start recording on that computer and my digital voice recorder, which is connected to a headset mic that I wear. I say “reset” three times while hitting the reset button three times as a sync signal for when I combine the two resulting audio files later. (This works really well because the O2 has an audible “reset sound” that makes that syncing feeling even easier to come by.) I play the game and talk at the same time; occasionally I have to do retakes because my train of thought derails in a heavily populated area, The two files are combined, I’m able to mix things up and down, and voila – everything is synchronized and you have more or less pristine and yet non-emulated sound from the games.
  • Will I cover homebrews/protos? Yes, once I’ve gotten through most of the commercially released library.
  • Will there ever be a video podcast? I’d have to feel that there’s a really compelling reason to put my pulsating face in front of a video camera. Also, I would need a working video camera, which at present I don’t have.
  • What happens when you exhaust the whole Odyssey 2/Videopac library? It probably ends at that point, to be revived infrequently down the road as homebrew releases continue to happen. I say infrequently because the Odyssey2/Videopac doesn’t get anywhere near the homebrew love that, say, the Atari 2600 gets. In any case, I like a project with a finish line.
  • Will you do another video game podcast when Select Game is over? Nah, I’ll probably do something completely different, to para(parrot?)phrase Monty Python.

So there you go. Now you know, and knowing is, as they say, half the battle. By the way, the image accompanying this post is a hint about episode two.