The Checklist

U.S./Canadian Odyssey2 Games

List of games commercially published in North America.
Alien Invaders—Plus!Magnavox9428X103
Alpine Skiing!Magnavox9418
Armored Encounter! / Sub Chase!Magnavox9403
Attack Of The Timelord!Philips9445X207
Bowling! / Basketball!Magnavox9404X202
Casino Slot Machine!Magnavox9426
Computer Golf!Magnavox9410X102
Computer Intro!Magnavox9406
Conquest Of The WorldPhilips9431
Cosmic Conflict!Magnavox9411X107
Demon AttackImagic720075-1AX109
Electronic Table Soccer!Magnavox9423X202
Freedom Fighters!
Great Wall Street Fortune HuntPhilips9434
Hockey! / Soccer!Magnavox9420
I've Got Your Number!Magnavox9413X104
Invaders From Hyperspace!Magnavox9414X107
K.C. Munchkin!Philips9435X110
K.C.'s Krazy Chase!Philips9442X206
Keyboard Creations!Philips9433X104
Killer Bees!Philips9447
Las Vegas Blackjack!Magnavox9401
Matchmaker! / Buzzword! / Logix!Magnavox9407
Math-A-Magic! / Echo!Magnavox9405X104
Nimble Numbers NedPhilips9439
Out Of This World! / Helicopter Rescue!Magnavox9419X201
P.T. Barnum's Acrobats!Philips9443X304
Pick Axe Pete!Philips9437X301
Pocket Billiards!Magnavox9424X202
Power LordsPhilips9448X108
Quest For The RingsPhilips9429X106
Showdown In 2100 A.D.!Magnavox9416X105
Sid The SpellbinderPhilips9438
Speedway! / Spin-Out! / Crypto-Logic!Magnavox9400X101
Take The Money And Run!Magnavox9412
Type & TellPhilips9440X302
War Of Nerves!Magnavox9417X105

Manufacturer and cartridge number data derived in part from the Odyssey2 Homepage’s game database [LINK].

European Videopac/Jopac/Jet Games

Games commercially released in Europe during the heyday of the Videopac, Jopac, and Radiola Jet consoles. This list is limited to those titles which were exclusive to the European market.
4 in 1 RowPhilips40
Catch The Ball / Noughts And CrossesPhilips19
Chez MaximeJopacVXT A08
Depth Charge / MarksmanPhilips16
Exojet +JopacJXT C05
Labyrinth Game / SupermindPhilips32
Loony BalloonPhilips54X304
Moto-Crash +JopacJXT E05
Mousing CatPhilips47
Neutron Star+Philips55+X302
Secret Of The PharaohsPhilips21
Super BeePhilips50
Super CobraParker981505X205
SyracuseJopacVXT A07
Verkehrsspiele 1CSV
Verkehrsspiele 2

Links in the homebrew list will take you to sites where they are (or, in the case of sold out games, were) available. Supporting homebrew authors, developers and publishers ensures more Odyssey2/Videopac homebrews in the future!

Homebrews & Repros

A hopefully complete list of games either discovered/finished or programmed in their entirety after the commercial life span of the Odyssey2 or Videopac.
TitleReleased byNumber (if applicable)Covered?Episode(s)
50 Foot Tall Stalk Of Celery!Packrat(not yet released)
Aaron The Aant2600 Connection
Air Assault!Revival Studios
AmityvilleVideopac Is @live
Amok!John DondzilaX204
Astrododge!Revival Studios
Baseball+Philips / CCC8+
Blob!Videopac Is @live
Boom BoxVideopac Is @live
CavityRevival Studios
Chief Chef2600 Connection
Clay Pigeon +Philips / Nico Sapin62+
Color ClashRevival Studios
Dark DungeonVideopac Is @live
Death Race2600 Connection
Dino DashRevival Studios
Down!Revival Studios
Dungeon Of EternityVideopac Is @live(not yet released)
Empire Strikes BackVideopac Is @live(not yet released)
Exojet (O2)2600 Connection
Fatso!2600 Connection
Flashpoint (O3)CCC63+X303
Forbidden LandsVideopac Is @live
Free Food For FishVideopac Is @live
Golf TournamentVideopac Is @live
Gosub2600 Connection
Gosub 22600 Connection
Happy Bird!2600 Connection
Haunted WoodsVideopac Is @live
High Water PatrolVideopac Is @live
Hot Love!Videopac Is @live
InterpolVideopac Is @live61
Jungle Girl!Videopac Is @live
K.C.'s Escape!Good Deal Games
K.C. Munchkin Redux!Good Deal Games
Kill the Attacking AliensXype / PackratX204
Laser BlitzVideopac Is @live
Mage: The Enchanted CrystalsRevival Studios
Mage 2: The Dark MirrorRevival Studios
Mage 3: The Final JourneyRevival Studios
Mars MenaceVideopac Is @live
Martian ThreatCCC
MayhemRevival Studios
Mean Santa!2600 Connection
Moon TownVideopac Is @live
MotoCrash (O2)2600 Connection
Mr. Roboto!Tedfoolery / Packrat
Nice Ice!2600 Connection
Piggyback PlanetVideopac Is @live
Pinball! / Ralph Baer PinballCGE Services / Good Deal Games
Planet Lander!Tedfoolery / Packrat
Pong for Videopac and Odyssey²!PackratX203
Puzzle Piece Panic!Tedfoolery / Packrat
Restaurant (Chez Maxime O2)2600 Connection
Robot CityPhilips / CCC71X207
Route 66+Philips / CCC66+
Sea RescueVideopac Is @live
Shark AttackVideopac Is @live(not yet released)
Shark HunterPhilips / CCC64
Shooting Gallery! / Minefield!Packrat
Space CavernVideopac Is @live
Spaceman Splorf: Planet Of DoomPond Software
Space Monster+Videopac Is @live
Spider-ManParker / Bas K.X108
StairRunnerRevival Studios
StrikeForceRevival Studios
Terrahawks: The Second AssaultCCC70+
Traffic!Packrat / Chris Read
TutankhamParker / CCC
Walls!2600 Connection
Western+Videopac Is @live
Wildlife!2600 ConnectionX204