This Is The Way – Bonus Episode

Friends, we have a very special episode for all three of the podcasts, a bonus episode as it were, that is meant to act as not only my official announcement but explanation for why I am retiring. I hope you will understand that for the past 12 years that I have been fortunate enough to be considered a blogger, writer, and podcaster…I have realized recently that I am very tired. I need more however than just a break or vacation from writing daily articles and producing podcasts – I truly need to step away from the laptop and microphone – it is the appropriate time to look back at what I, as well as my fellow Pop Culture Retrorama colleagues have accomplished.

As I state on the podcast itself, I am very proud of what Allison Venezio-Preston, Ashley Thomas, Rockford Jay, Earl Green, Brett Weiss, IseeRobots, Javier Ojst, Rob O’Hara, and Gary Burton have accomplished with this site. And while I will soon shutter the Pop Culture Retrorama site and step away from writing in general, I am extremely happy to announce that Earl Green has generously offered to host not only the content on this site – but any future articles that the Pop Culture Retrorama colleagues might decide to write – on So, while I am slipping into the shadows, Pop Culture Retrorama will most assuredly live on.

I do hope that those of you who have been so kind as to visit this page, or even remember my work on the Retroist, understand that I did not come to the decision to retire lightly. Having said that, it feels like this is right path to take, thanks in no small part to my new career.

Many thanks to all of you. You have made something that I originally tackled as a hobby feel far more important, giving me a desire to write over 6000 articles and produce over 300 podcasts in the past 11 -12 years. I am grateful for your time and support, but more importantly your friendship.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

“Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”

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Here Is To One Year Of The Pop Culture Retrorama Site!

Friends, it would appear that today marks the first anniversary of the Pop Culture Retrorama site – it was one year ago today that with the support of the Retroist – I was able to post the first article to the site.Which was What Is Pop Culture Retrorama, the mission statement that I decided to originally pin to the front page of the site itself. Which to sum up was – this site was intended as a spot to host my various podcasts as well as continuing to enjoy what I had been doing for nearly a decade on the Retroist site – which boils down to the desire to discuss and share my thoughts on those retro and pop culture related subjects I hold dear. For one year now, thanks to those of you who have been kind enough to visit us on a daily basis and even go out of your way to help spread the word on the site through Facebook and Twitter – the Pop Culture Retrorama site has continued to grow.

In addition with this site, I was hoping that my fellow pop culture archaeologists and friends from the Retroist might also join me in this new endeavor. I was not disappointed either as the likes of Allison Venezio-Preston, Gary Burton, IseeRobots, Earl Green, Ashley Thomas, Brett Weiss, Rob O’Hara, DanielXIII, Rob Klein, Justin Salvato, the Retroist, and Rockford Jay have provided articles and more importantly continuous support over this past year. I have always put a lot of faith into the belief that more voices on the Pop Culture Retrorama site only makes it all the more better – and I truly believe that my fellow writers and contributors have only proven that to be true. After all how would we ever know that the likes of Wendy’s training videos, an early appearance television appearance by Steve Martin, Hagar the Horrible merchandise, the upcoming Intellivision Amico, the Marvel Comics Gargoyles series, an 1988’s KOFY TV Country Dance Party Commercial, a meeting with Mister Rogers, and the ’80s television show V would be such incredibly popular subjects?

Of course I would be remiss to not thank two others, for their continued support of the Pop Culture Retrorama site. The first big thanks goes to my beyond patient and understanding Wife – who doesn’t get upset when instead of taking it easy, I feel compelled to write a 1,000 word article on the merits of Xanadu or a 1978 Halloween public service announcement starring Peter Pumpkin. While it is true that I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without the help and support of my friends on this site – that goes double for my Wife.

Then of course I must thank you – for taking time out of your busy day and spending a little of it checking out what we have to say and share on this site. I’ve mentioned this on the podcasts themselves but it bears repeating – there are thousands of worthy sites that share all manner of retro articles and information on the latest pop culture news. I feel what the Pop Culture Retrorama site offers above all is an honest look at whatever the subject might be – with the added benefit of not including a heaping dose of snark. Because I have always been pleasantly amazed at just how alike we all are – we may not walk the same path but we can enjoy in sharing the memories of our youth or what we are passionate about.

Here is to the first anniversary of the Pop Culture Retrorama site – thank you again for your continued support – it is very much appreciated, my friends.

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1978 Movietone News Report For The UK Release Of Star Wars!

Friends, it is certainly true that when Star Wars was released in the States in 1977, very few people were truly ready for how much George Lucas’ space opera was going to blow audiences away. On the Retroist site in the past I have shared how my Father and I caught the first matinee showing, enjoying the film immensely with an auditorium that was perhaps half-full. While we went in blind with no real knowledge of the film, beyond the fact that it was obviously a science-fiction movie, I can remember walking out of the auditorium feeling a little numb… I had never seen a film that was quite so epic. The next weekend however when it was time to go see it again, the word had apparently gotten out in our neck of the woods about Star Wars as there were a line of people completely around the building. And the truth of the matter is it didn’t slow down, it continued to sell out as people returned to the theater so they could experience the fun and thrill of Star Wars over and over again. Seeing that film back in the day is one of the most cherished movie going experiences of my youth. In addition it was a cultural landmark for pop culture that changed the way movies were made, as well as how much fans would embrace a franchise.

That was here in the States though – what about the folks across the pond in the United Kingdom? Star Wars had it’s London premiere on December 27th of 1977 – with a wide release beginning on January 29th of ’78. It was a little bit different for fans of science fiction in the UK as this 1978 MovieTone News report illustrates – as thanks to magazine articles and such, the public were already getting a glimpse at moments from the film. They just had to wait patiently for eight months before it opened up in theaters near them so they could see it for themselves. The build up for the release of Star Wars appears to have reached such a fever pitch that props, costumes, vehicles, and stills were featured at London’s Science Museum – to say nothing of the highly sought after toys showing up at the 1978 Toy and Hobby Fair.

Article Images Provided by Dec Cart. Check out that beautiful Palitoy Death Star playset in the right hand corner!

So enjoy this look back at both the 1978 Toy and Hobby Fair as well as the opening of Star Wars in the UK – courtesy of Movietone News.

Video Provided by Dec Cart.

Let’s Talk About The Podcasts – Bonus Episode

Lets Talk About The Podcasts - Bonus Episode

Friends, with the end of March fast approaching I’ve found myself running out of time on producing the latest Pop Culture Retrorama podcast – which means in the end that it has been nearly two months since the last episode. Quite frankly with the way things have been going of late I haven’t quite felt I possessed the energy to do all of the research for the new show – that goes for both Diary of An Arcade Employee as well as the Saturday Frights podcast. So I thought I would sit down in front of the microphone and talk about the state of the shows and what has been weighing on my mind in regard to their direction and possible futures. Don’t worry, as I state in this bonus episode for all three podcasts (crosses fingers that it uploads to all three properly) – I’m not doing anything drastic like quitting writing or podcasting. This is just a situation where I can sit down and say “Hey, let’s talk about the podcasts”!

In addition I hope besides acting as an apology to all of you that have been loyal to the podcasts – you will understand the circumstances that have delayed the shows. As well perhaps as some new directions I might take – if you the listeners think that is prudent – with each podcast. As always with an episode I am honest with you – although in this case I hope in addition I been able to properly explain the situation I find myself in as a creator. Actually even though it is addressed in this bonus episode, if you possibly have thought about becoming a writer and might like to share your personal memories and experiences on pop culture or retro related subjects – throw me a line at!

All right then, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to listen to this Let’s talk about the podcasts episode – to say nothing of your support and understanding in the matter of tardiness of said shows.

You can also contact me on Facebook or even Twitter. Or perhaps check out the Saturday Frights Facebook Page, Diary of an Arcade Employee, and Pop Culture Retrorama Facebook page?

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