It’s Super Mario Bros. For The Intellivision… Wait, What?

Friends, I am sure that most of you are well aware that Super Mario Bros., the smash hit video game from Nintendo – was NOT released to the Mattel Electronics’ Intellvision back in the mid-’80s. That is not say however that games were not still being produced for the iconic home console after the video game crash of 1983 – thanks to the INTV Corporation in fact the last published game was Stadium Mud Buggies and that was in 1989. Although it is not out of the realm of possibility that there could have been an attempt at a Super Mario Bros. port to the Intellivision back in the day. After all they did produce ports of such popular arcade titles as Pole Position, Dig Dug, Commando, Congo Bongo, and BurgerTime to name a few.

VIDEO PROVIDED BY Consumer Time Capsule.

Of course when the homebrew community is making ports of Gauntlet, God of War, Gorf, Halo, for everything from the Atari 2600 to the NES – it is understandable why Matthew Kiel decided the Intellivision needed Super Mario Bros., right?

As I understand it, Matthew has used IntyBASIC to create a port of Super Mario Bros. – although I am under the impression this is just an exercise in fun. I highly doubt that Kiehl is going to attempt to make this port available to the Intellivision community. As Matthew explains himself on his video description there are still bugs in this current build of the game – but all of the stages have been implemented as well as the Warp Zones and bonus areas (the coin rooms found by way of the green pipes).

Matthew’s version of Super Mario Bros. for the Intellivision is quite impressive – from the music and sound effects to how the enemies behave just like in the original title. It might have been created just for fun but judging by this gameplay video – a whole lot of hard work has gone into it so far.


Phosphor Dot Fossils: Zaxxon (Intellivision)

Friends, the esteemed Earl Green has released a brand new Phosphor Dot Fossils video, one that tackles the 1982 port of Zaxxon to the Intellivision home console by Mattel Electronics. I have never nor will I ever claim to be an expert on anything – but I will have to admit I was a little shocked by the Zaxxon video – quite frankly because I do not remember ever seeing it in stores back in the day. It is not a homebrew title however – it was indeed ported to the Intellivision as well as the Atari 2600 by Coleco back in 1982. To be fair, Zaxxon was given a home release to pretty much every popular home console and computer of the day. It’s just that with the Atari VCS and Intellivision versions – the isometric aspect of the game was sacrificed – instead a third-person viewpoint was chosen.

Now, do not get me wrong in the least, Coleco was probably doing the best they could with the somewhat limited capabilities of the Atari version… but the Intellivision could have probably been better. As the two versions of the Zaxxon home ports are practically the same – although it has to be pointed out that the Intellivision version does look better. Coleco at the very least managed to deliver a much more faithful version of the classic Sega arcade game… on their Colecovision home console.

Fun fact – it appears that Zaxxon was the first arcade game to have a television commercial – beating Dig Dug‘s theatrical version by a month or so. Apparently it was Paramount Pictures that put this commercial together for Zaxxon – and online it has been said that it cost them $150,000.


Without further ado, enjoy Earl Green’s look at the Intellivision version of Zaxxon courtesy of Phosphor Dot Fossils.

Video and Article Image Provided by theLogBook.

Remember that for even more pop culture related goodness – make sure to check out Earl’s own website, the Logbook.Com – absolutely one of the best and longest running sites for all your retro needs.

Top 3 Concerns About The Intellivision Amico (With Smash JT And Tommy Tallarico)

Top 3 Concerns About The Intellivision Amico - Brett Weiss

Friends, Vic Sage here to introduce Brett Weiss’ latest YouTube video – one that focuses on some of the apparent concerns over the upcoming Intellivision Amico. You might recall back in January when I shared the Night Stalker Intellivision Amico trailer – I was pretty much on board with the system anyway, that particular trailer though made me wish it was already October so I could get start playing some of the games. As someone who lived through the early years of the Console Wars… I learned early on to just appreciate it all… that doesn’t mean I couldn’t see which system at the time had better graphics though.

Granted a lot of what is drawing me to the Intellivision Amico has to do with the updated games of old that I enjoyed in my youth. While all titles will not be available when the Intellivision Amico is able to be purchased on the 10th of October – I look forward to a new look at such games as B-17 Bomber, Dragon Fire, Miner 2049er, Missile Command, Utopia, and of course TRON Deadly Discs!

Without further ado, here is Brett Wiess and what he is going to take a look at with his new video:
“The Intellivision Amico, headed up by Intellivision Productions President Tommy Tallarico, is due in stores October 10. There has been much excitement about the console, but I keep seeing the same three concerns/criticisms popping up again and again:

  1. It won’t get third-party support.
  2. The controller sucks.
  3. These are just glorified cell phone games. With help from YouTuber Smash JT, I discuss these potential problems and why I think they are overblown.”
Video and Article Image Provided by Brett Weiss.

If you would like to keep up with more of Brett Weiss’ work beyond what he shares on this site, please check out Words of Wonder. You will be able to see the latest news on his recent books he has published and are coming out – in addition to film and book reviews and more.

Night Stalker For The Intellivision Amico Looks Amazing!

Night Stalker for the Intellivision Amico - 2020

Friends, since I did an 1UP episode of the Diary of An Arcade Employee podcast on 1982’s Night Stalker for Mattel Electronics’ Intellivision home console – it is probably safe to say I am a big fan of the game. In my personal opinion there is quite a lot to enjoy about Night Stalker, not only was it a truly great title for the Intellivision but is a solid representation of the maze shooter genre. In fact the only thing I can complain about off the top of my head is that designer Steve Montero wasn’t able to somehow tie the game to the classic Kolchak: The Night Stalker television series!
Video Provided by Matt Payne.

If you have not had the pleasure of playing Night Stalker before, the premise is a pretty simple one – the Player is stuck in an underground maze – where they are continuously hunted down by vicious robots. In addition the Player has to contend with a pair of swarming bats that will stun them – leaving them easy prey for the robots. Then there is the rather oversized spider that is crawling through the underground maze – it too can paralyze the Player. At the very least there is a futuristic weapon to fend off these attackers… although only for six shots before the Player has to scramble through the maze seeking a new one.

Which is why I perked up when Earl Green was kind enough to share a new video with me – Night Stalker for the Intellivision Amico… and it looks absolutely amazing if I am being 100% honest. This new version of that classic maze shooter game offers multiplayer – that includes both a Co-Op mode as you will see in the video itself and a Versus mode. I would like to point out that in multiplayer is appears that a Player can only pick up the weapon that matches their color – a nice touch and an element that should add some stress in later levels. While the graphics have been given an update although with an appropriately retro look – it appears there are new enemies to contend with too, such as the creeping slime that might be able to merge to create a tougher enemy!

Video and Article Image Provided by Intellivision.

In closing I want to point out that in the description for this preview of Night Stalker for the upcoming Intellivision Amico – they make a point of saying:

“This is only a small unfinished sampling of what the game will ultimately be like. Many more surprises on the way! This was recorded and played directly from the Intellivision Amico system.”

Watch The 1982 Intellivision -The Great Biplanes Tournament!

1982 Intellivision - The Great Biplanes Tournament - Blue Sky Rangers

Much like with movies it was video games that were an important part of my life when growing up – just something about both of them is what I would have preferred doing to anything else. Not much has changed. And as I’ve shared on this site and various podcasts, while money was very tight when I was a kid – my Family really did their very best to make sure come Holidays and birthdays that I had a good haul. Even from a young age that mostly involved video games for the home consoles of the day – starting with the Atari 2600 but not too long after Mattel Electronics released the Intellivision in ’81 our Family managed to get one at a garage sale. While both the Atari and Intellivision saw plenty of action back in those days – I started playing a little more of the latter when Mattel Electronics released two particular titles – Maze-A-Tron and of course TRON Deadly Discs (Which I covered in a Diary of An Arcade Employee podcast).

Video Provided by MY SATURDAY M0RNINGS.

Now in the Night Stalker podcast I talked about how the group of programmers at Intellivision at that time found themselves as a subject for a TV Guide article. Mattel was worried that if their identities might become known, their rivals at Atari could possibly hire the programmers and designers away from them. The writer for the piece, Howard Polskin, had to call the the group something – which he came up with while attending one of their blue-sky meetings. Polskin went with the Blue Sky Rangers for his article and the programmers at Intellivision really took to it and the name stuck.

Which bring us around to this wonderful piece of history – uploaded back in 2007 on the Blue Sky Rangers YouTube Channel, the 1982 Intellivision – The Great Biplanes Tournament. Biplanes was one of the three games offered on Mattel Electronics Triple Action, a thrilling game that allowed two players to duel against one another in an attempt to reach 15 points. The game featured the ability to climb too fast causing your biplane to stall and begin plummeting to the ground – although if you managed to press down on the controller disc and steadily climb out you could save yourself. In addition there was a weather balloon that would occasionally rise up on the screen that you could shoot to score some extra points. Biplanes was a game that my Grandmother and myself would play a whole bunch during those seemingly endless Summer breaks – we liked the other two games offered on Triple Action well enough – Car Racing and Battle Tanks. But there was just something super special about Biplanes and as this video proves even the Blue Sky Rangers were pretty fond of it too.

Now the reason this 1982 Intellivision – The Great Biplanes Tournament exists is that it was part of a going away event for Steve Montero, who happened to be the programmer for Night Stalker. It turns out that both Steve as well as Russ Haft – who programmed TRON Maze-A-Tron were the top players in Biplanes at Mattel Electronics. So on August 6th of 1982, the two faced off in a best-four-out-of-seven tournament – Steve chose the red hued plane with Russ piloting the green hued aircraft (The age of the VHS tape makes it look blue!). Furthermore there is running commentary by both the late and great Keith Robinson (TRON Solar Sailer) as well as Mark Urbaniec who programmed 1983’s Vectron.

Video and Article Image Provided by the Blue Sky Rangers.

35 Years Later A Commodore 64 Program Was Found On This 1984 Album!

35 Years Later A Commodore 64 Program - C64

Friends, this should give you a little boost at the end of your day – because 8-Bit Show and Tell has located a Commodore 64 program hidden within Prodigal’s 1984 album entitled Electric Eye. I was just goofing around on YouTube when I came across this video – which was originally uploaded back on October 19th of this year. Since I have been known to talk about my love of the Commdore 64 computer of my youth – the title of the video caught my attention pretty quickly. And seriously, how absolutely amazing is it that in this day and age we can still be surprised by little Easter eggs from 35 years ago? As Robin will demonstrate on the video itself the program was hidden in the runout groove on the B side of Electric Eye – which you can plainly see in this article image header has a “C-64” scratched into said groove. Probably one of the reasons that not a lot of people know about the program is because it needed to be played on your turntable where you could record the hidden program on a cassette tape to upload it on your C64… that is a little bit of work. As the video will show – sometimes using older technology takes a couple of tries – or even totally different equipment in some cases.

Video and Images Provided By 8-Bit Show and Tell‘s YouTube Channel.

I will have to in the near future share an article about the Mattel Electronics Aquarius computer that we obtained at the arcade – in fact I talked just a bit about it in the Night Stalker podcast earlier today. Robin was able to make contact with one of the surviving members of Prodigal by the way – which was a Christian rock group, active from 1975 until 1986 – to ask how and why this 35 year-old computer program was included on the Electric Eye album.

The discovery of what amounts to a simple message from Prodigal 35 years later might not be the most groundbreaking thing you’ll see today… but I thought it was special enough that I had to share it. Watching this particular 8-Bit Show and Tell video will in addition show you how to hack your turntable to disable the auto return if you need to!

Diary Of An Arcade Employee Podcast 1UP – Night Stalker

Night Stalker - Diary of An Arcade Employee Podcast - 1UP

For this brand new episode of the Diary of An Arcade Employee Podast we have a 1UP show – the subject of this episode is 1982’s Night Stalker, the classic maze shooter that was produced for Mattel Electronic’s Intellivision home console. As I mention in the show itself, the Intellivision was a console that found a lot of love in the household of my youth – in particular thanks to the home port of Data East’s Lock ‘n’ Chase as well as Night Stalker. The latter has a lot going for it and stands as a solid game even today. As usual I have done my level best to shine a spotlight on those talented individuals who helped to bring the game to life in addition to providing some interesting anecdotes about the game itself. I mention towards the end of the podcast that Night Stalker appears to be getting a new incarnation – courtesy of the Intellivision Amico console – which is set to debut in October of 2020. Here is the 2019 Gamescom trailer that not only shows off what this new Night Stalker might look like… but a few other classic Intellivision titles and even arcade game ports!

Video Provided by Intellivision’s YouTube Channel.

As always with the Diary podcasts, I give a rundown of how the game itself plays and have even provided some vintage audio treats for your listening pleasure. In addition I mention something odd that occurred with iTunes on the Asteroids episode of the podcast – it turns out that you might want to subscribe to make sure you are hearing the latest offering – as it took over a month for the last one to show up on the iTunes page. I really have no clue why that happened but I desperately hope that was just a one time occurrence.

Friends, I truly do appreciate you taking the time to listen the show and hope you enjoy Night Stalker.

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Diary Of An Arcade Employee Podcast 1UP – TRON: Deadly Discs

TRON Deadly Discs - Diary of An Arcade Employee Podcast 1UP

Friends, thank you for joining us once again for the Diary of An Arcade Employee Podcast, on this 1UP show I am going to be discussing Mattel Electronics TRON: Deadly Discs – which was released in 1982 for the Intellivision home console. As always I do my level best to share with you interesting facts about the game as well as those responsible for it’s creation – like Don Daglow (Utopia, Mail Order Monsters) and Steve Sents. In addition to making sure that I provide my memories of first encountering TRON: Deadly Discs in my youth as well as some of my fond recollections of the Intellivision itself – I have even managed to provide a few vintage audio treats for your listening pleasure during the podcast.

TRON: Deadly Discs is absolutely one of my favorite Intellivision games – not just because of it being a tie-in to Walt Disney’s excellent film, which was also released in 1982. A big reason I enjoy it so much is due the gameplay itself, it allows fans of TRON to relive those exciting moment from the film… being on the Game Grid and defending yourself from the evil of the MCP and it’s warriors.

Remember that with this being a Diary of An Arcade Employee Podcast 1UP episode – it is intended to be a little more loose and a little shorter in running time… although that isn’t always the case.

So without further ado, act as my Player Two and step up as I discuss the history and legacy of TRON: Deadly Discs on this Diary of An Arcade Employee Podcast 1UP show!

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