ASCII and Ye Shall Receive: CHiPs

Not so long ago I posted what was intended to be the first of a series of fun little experimental music videos to YouTube. The idea was that I’d hand a TV theme song to Kasatochi, theLogBook’s in-house chiptune house band, and then do some retro-computery things to the video to go along with the chiptune version of the music. I produced an initial batch of three of these in August and was going to schedule them to run once a week in September on my YouTube channel…and then YouTube’s algorithms threw an absolute fit because, hey, someone else’s music. I know that, YouTube, thanks. With one of the tunes in particular about to land me a sentence of Double Secret Probation, I left the first video up and deleted the others. What to do, what to do? Where do I put these if YouTube is going to have a minor stroke about them?

Then I remembered: Pop Culture Retrorama hungers. Like Sinistar. It wants new, nostalgic, cool stuff to show off – maybe something that’s completely unique to it. Future editions of these videos will bear the logos of both theLogBook and Pop Culture Retrorama as a result. But for now? Enjoy the chiptune/ASCII-art-animation video that YouTube didn’t want you to see.

Enjoy CHiPs…as processed by…well…a bunch of chips.

Stay tuned for more ASCII and Ye Shall Receive – only at Pop Culture Retrorama!

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