Tron Identity Disc

TronIf you were at OVGE 2010 (or if you weren’t), then you may have heard about the Phosphor Dot Fossils Tron Identity Discs – and/or the fact that they finally disappeared! Here’s the story: I burned 50 copies of the CD-ROM the night before the show, but due to daddy duty and other household factors, was only able to Lightscribe 15 or 20 copies. I didn’t want to hand out blank discs, obviously, so the rest… sat at home, unlabeled.

The PDF Tron Identity Disc contained a 28-page booklet in Adobe PDF format, which basically serves as a beginner’s guide to the Tron universe: it covers the characters, the setting, the storyline, and also goes into great depth into – of course – the games that inspired Tron, and the games that Tron, in turn, inspired. (Remember those Movie Magazines that Starlog used to publish? This was kinda like that.) All very unofficial, mind you. With its white-on-black layout, this thing would’ve killed entire toner and ink cartridges, so there was never even any question of offering printed copies – thus the CD-ROMs being given away at the table.

So, for those who attended the show and didn’t get a disc, or those who were unable to attend, you can download that PDF file here and get caught up. I try to come up with interesting stuff year after year for OVGE for everyone to enjoy, and this is the latest in a long line of freebies like this. Enjoy!

Download or view the Tron Identity Disc PDF booklet, “Celebrating TRON Classic”, here.