Mr. Do!’s Wild Ride

Mr. Do!'s Wild RideThe Game: Mr. Do, having vanquished unicorns and other beasties, decides to take a little bit of vacation time at the nearest amusement park. But there’s one problem! (Isn’t there always?) The roller coasters are trying to kill him. Your job is to guide Mr. Do along the roller coaster tracks, avoiding deadly fast-moving roller coaster cars and climbing little ladders to reach cherries (is it my imagination, or does this guy eat more cherries than anybody since Pac-Man?). Watch your head at all times! (Universal, 1984)

Memories: The fourth and final entry in the obscure attempt at a Mr. Do! franchise, this one is also my least favorite – but that’s not to say that it isn’t fun. First off, I just find the theme appealing. In Do Run Run!, one is required to kill off endless waves of killer kritters, making Mr. Do the blood-thirstiest clown since John Wayne Gacy. This game, however, takes a less violent approach – things can happen to you, sure, but they’re not the deliberate acts of sinister characters who are hell-bent on destroying you.

Mr. Do!'s Wild RideOne gets the distinct impression that Universal knew it would be winding down its coin-op operation with this post-’83-crash game (which, like previous Universal games, was available as a kit, instead of occupying its own custom cabinet). The elements that made the previous two games appealing just aren’t there – it’s almost as though Mr. Do!’s Wild Ride wasn’t 2 quartersfinished.

Occurring as it did after the big video game industry nose-dive, Mr. Do!’s Wild Ride went unnoticed by the home video game industry, which had its own problems by this time.