Turtles!The Game: As the mama turtle, you trundle around a simple maze, pursued by nasty bugs which are lethal to the touch. You can drop bombs in their path, which will reduce their speed (and this device really does beg all sorts of biological See the videodouble-entendrès, doesn’t it?). Your mission is to visit the isolated cul-de-sacs in the maze – which in itself can lead to your turtle getting trapped – to retrieve your eggs and take them to safe houses dotted around the maze. If you visit the wrong place at the wrong time, you’ll wind up with not an egg, but a new bug hot on your heels. Getting all your turtle eggs to safety takes you to the next level, and eventually everything winds up moving so fast, you haven’t got a chance. (North American Philips [under license from Stern], 1983)

Memories: This simple rendition of an extremely obscure Stern arcade game has to rank as one of the most addictive Odyssey 2 games ever made, and it quickly puts the lie to the common misconception that the Odyssey would have been useless for home versions of arcade games anyway. TurtlesTurtles! is, in fact, a lot of fun It also made unique use of the Voice to play music while you play. Not many copies of Turtles! are out there, but if you see someone trying to get rid of one, snatch it up.

5 quarters!The Odyssey rendition of Turtles was so faithful that it even included such transition screens as the arcade game’s “baby turtle stranded on top of the building” intro (replacing the big S for Stern with the name Turtles), and the inter-level ladder-climbing intermission.