EnduroBuy this gameThe Game: As one of many drivers in a round-the-clock endurance race through many areas, terrains and weather conditions. While the pretty boys at Fuji may have sunshine all the time (or so it seems), an Enduro racer has to contend with slick snow, nighttime driving conditions (where the other drivers’ tail lights are the only warning you have of their presence), fog (which is much like night driving, but about 10 times worse), and so on. (Activision, 1983)

See the videoMemories: Enduro is a killer driving game, taking the same graphical gimmick that made Pole Position a hit, and increasing the challenge of the game – even to the point of exceeding the depth of the game that it’s loosely based on.

Enduro4 quarters!Allowing for the 2600’s graphics, Enduro is actually a more unpredictable and challenging game than even the arcade version of Pole Position. One of Activision’s specialties, colorful graphics, effectively convey the changing time of day throughout the game. It’s a blast, and a beauty to just sit and watch.