Donkey Kong 3

Donkey Kong 3The Game: As Stanley the gardener, you’re trying to repel a swarm of pests unleashed by that meanest of pixellated gorillas, while also using your pesticide to propel him off the screen. Protect your flowers and yourself, and wear plenty of Off. (Nintendo, 1983)

See the videoMemories: The third entry in the still-ongoing series of games spawned by the original Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong 3 wasn’t as successful as the previous sequel, Donkey Kong Junior. One possible reason for this could be Nintendo’s brief abandonment of the climbing/jumping game elements in favor of a shooting game whose roots could easily be traced back to Space Invaders.

Donkey Kong 3It’s no coincidence that the next Donkey Kong-inspired game after Donkey Kong 3 did away with the monkey business altogether, as well as the shooting game elements. The third Donkey Kong sequel was a little empire-building creation known as Mario Bros. But, 3 quarters!just for the record, Donkey Kong 3 wasn’t a bad game – it’s actually rather fun. In making a detour from the established pattern of Donkey Kong climbing games, Donkey Kong 3 simply became an obscurity, and not an arcade favorite.