Demon Attack

Demon AttackThe Game: Demons coalesce into existence in mid-air above your cannon. Send them back where they came from by force – but watch out, as demons in later levels split into two parts upon being hit, which must then be destroyed See the videoindividually… (Imagic, 1983)

Memories: Imagic scored major points with its only two releases for the Odyssey 2. Demon Attack was already a ubiquitous title in many Atari 2600 and Intellivision owners’ collections, but third-party games for the Odyssey 2 were almost unheard of.

Demon AttackThe Odyssey2 version of Demon Attack is fast, furious, and colorful, traits which usually describe Imagic’s titles. If it falls flat in any area, it would be sound. The Odyssey’s sound generating capabilities just weren’t up to the bizarre sounds heard 5 quarters!in the other versions of Demon Attack. But other than that, this port of one of Imagic’s staples was certainly worth tracking down. (It’s also one of the rarest Odyssey games made by anyone.)

Demon Attack Demon Attack