Type & Tell

Type & TellThe Game: You type! It talks! And occasionally you have to throw the damnedest misspellings at it to get it to say the simplest words. And despite the back of the box claiming that it “plays fun games,” it’s much more likely that it’ll just make some fun (and weird) sounds. (Magnavox, 1982)

Memories: A pack-in cartridge included with the Voice of Odyssey 2, Type & Tell is actually a barely-glorified Odyssey version of Speak ‘n’ Spell, except everything it says is in a monotone robotic voice which one of the video game magazines of the time once described as “Darth Vader on quaaludes.” (One of these days, remind me to tell you about my mother’s reaction when I asked her, after reading that review, what quaaludes were.)

Type & TellSome of the weirdest results could be gotten from typing a full screen of just one or two letters. Q usually yielded some bizarre results. And Type & Tell couldn’t get its virtual tongue around many a word, like baby, doggy, or Atari (which it would pronounce “ah-TAIR-eye”).

Odyssey 2 designer Bob Harris notes that Type & Tell featured a unique innovation for an Odyssey game, the 96-character text grid. This actually exceeded the maximum number 3 quartersof characters the Odyssey’s video chip could generate onscreen at any one time, but since the characters didn’t need to be animated, it was possible to work around this limitation.

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