Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator

Star Trek: Strategic Operations SimulatorThe Game: Your mission is to travel from sector to sector, eliminating Klingon incursions into Federation space without getting your ship and crew destroyed. Friendly starbases offer aid and allow you to make resupply stops so you can keep up the good fight – and you do have to keep a careful eye on your phaser, shield and warp power… (Sega, 1982)
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Memories: In the wake of the unexpected theatrical success of the second Star Trek movie, Sega revamped the popular Star Trek computer game that has been – and still is – available on almost every computer platform since the beginning of time, giving it vector graphics renditions of the movie Enterprise, Klingon ships, and starbases, not to mention cool-looking phasers and photon torpedoes (actually the best part of the game).

Star Trek: Strategic Operations SimulatorGenerally speaking, the graphics were faithful to the tactical displays seen in the first two Trek movies, even if game play and ship movement could be a little bit sluggish. But it was just too cool to see the Star Trek logo on an arcade cabinet.

All things considered, it’s a little surprising that an arcade game has never popped up for any of the subsequent Star Trek properties. (Ever wonder how Sega got the gig in ’82? It’s because in 1982, Sega, like pre-Viacom Paramount Pictures at that time, was a Gulf+Western Company.)

The Star Trek arcade game was adapted by Sega for a few home systems such as 3 quartersthe Atari 2600, 5200 and ColecoVision. But aside from that, the original computer game had also been ported to every home video console and home computer system at the time, including a prior 2600 cartridge marketed exclusively by Sears, Stellar Track.