FroggerThe Game: You are a frog. Your task is simple: hop across a busy highway, dodging cars and trucks, until you get the to the edge of a river, where you must keep yourself from drowning by crossing safely to your grotto at the top of the screen by leaping across the backs of turtles and logs. But watch out for snakes and alligators! (Coleco, 1982)

Memories: Possibly the best of Coleco’s fixed-matrix LED mini-arcade games, Frogger is actually fun and reasonably faithful to its inspiration, while adding cute touches that are unique to this version of the game.


That being said, is it really possible to get Frogger wrong? Well… yes, it is, but it didn’t happen here. Frogger may be amphibious, but he is not ambiguous: the collision “physics,” if you can even apply such a term to this game, as as simple as they get: if Frogger intersects with something he’s not supposed to (a car, open water, a snake), he loses. This is probably the best game you could try to do with this kind of display.

The graphics make Frogger even cuter than it was in the arcade, and they’re very colorful. The game even plays the correct theme music 5 quarters!at startup. Unlike other Coleco tabletop arcade games, there is no Head-to-Head mode (a holdover term from Coleco’s Head-to-Head sports games that competed with Mattel’s Football handheld); Frogger is for one player at a time, and it’s quite a bit of hopped-up fun.