FroggerThe Game: As in the arcade game of the same name, you try to help an amiable amphibian amble his way through rush hour traffic and a river full of dangers in a quest to get home. (Parker Brothers, 1982)

Memories: While faithful to its namesake, the Atari 2600 edition of Frogger is hampered not by the 2600’s graphical limitations, but by the flickering caused by the presence of more animated characters on the screen than the machine could keep track of. When you consider that the Atari 2600 encountered this problem if there were ever more than four sprites on the screen at the same time, you begin to see the problem with Frogger and its playing field chock full of traffic, and the river full of turtles and logs. Even keeping the graphics rudimentary didn’t help. If one could overlook this 3 quartersproblem, this was a fairly good version of Frogger, and Parker Brothers even later released the first-ever Frogger sequel, Frogger II: ThreeDeep!

But this frog was beaten to the market by something that tasted more like chicken.