Donkey Kong

Donkey KongThe Game: In a very faithful adaptation of Nintendo’s all-time classic arcade game, you’re Mario, a rotund and lovesick fellow who would gladly scale scaffolding, bound over barrels and feint past foxfires, all to save the damsel in See the videodistress. (Coleco, 1982)

The Game: This was it, friends. This was what sold the ColecoVision. Donkey Kong was one of the hottest games in arcades at that time, and Coleco was smart enough to grab the rights from Nintendo as well as to make it the pack-in cartridge for the ColecoVision (like Combat was the pack-in for the Atari 2600). The graphics were nearly perfect, even though some levels were slightly altered to fit a rectangular TV screen instead of the square display that the arcade game utilized, and the sound, as often with ColecoVision games, was very faithful to the original. If I have a 4 quarters!problem with this game, it’s with the boxy ColecoVision controllers, and not the game itself. Even back then when the main console was very expensive, this version of Donkey Kong was enough to sell a lot of people on Coleco’s high-end game machine.